March 18, 2009: Short Day for Dominica

This morning Dominica got up very early and headed out to ShopRite to do some very much needed grocery shopping as our cupboards are bare.  I stayed at home taking care of Liesl and Oreo while Dominica was out.  It worked out pretty well as Liesl didn’t wake up until just a little before Dominica got home and it gave Liesl and I a little time to hang out during her happy “morning time” which I often miss.

Work was, surprise surprise, quite busy all morning.  I feel like I am getting farther and farther behind each day.  It really is way too much work pouring in right now which is really odd.  I am not sure where the workload is coming from.  I think that it mostly comes down to just a few extra projects that require me to spend a bit of time on the phone and in doing so it causes everything else to back up significantly and then it because “task thrashing” as I constantly switch from one task to another for the bulk of the day.

I have been taking really short lunches whenever I eat and I keep missing opportunities to take walks with the family.  The weather is really awesome today with temperatures in the mid sixties.  Dominica and Liesl went out for their first walk on their own today.  Oreo and I did not get to go because I had so much work to do.

My 1.5TB Seagate USB drive arrived today from Amazon (thanks Amazon Prime!)  It is quite attractive and I got it hooked up right away and started transferring all kinds of stuff off of my existing drives because I am totally out of space to the point where it is causing additional drive performance issues due to a lack of available space.  My computer spent the rest of the day just transferring files.  Hundreds of GB of files moved over by the end of the day. I had to get a bunch of stuff transferred right away because my main drives are so full that it is causing performance problems on a regular basis.

After work this evening we had dinner and then Dominica decided to head off to be really early – not that much after nine o’clock!  Liesl was drowsy so Dominica tried to take her to bed with her but within half an hour or so Liesl woke up and so Dominica got up and brought her downstairs to hang out with me for a while.

Liesl stayed up with me watching the new Knight Rider via Hulu for two hours while Dominica slept.  I held her and walked around the living room for the entire two hours.  She was wide awake and just wanted to hang out.  We got a lot of time together today, though, so no complaints.  It was nice to just have some time together.

Liesl has begun weaning herself all on her own.  She pretty much only eats from a bottle now which, in many ways, is good.  That she did it on her own is the best because she decided that she is ready and just made the decision.  It will make feeding her much easier, in general.  We are going to speak to her doctor soon about having her start some solid food as she is having spit-up issues that often results from getting too many fluids for babies all at once.  She might be ready for cereal of fruit or something.

Liesl fell asleep in my arms and I carried her up to bed around eleven thirty or so.  Oreo went to the guest bedroom and took a spot sleeping on the bed in there on his own around the same time.  He loves that there is an entire room that is his own with a full sized bed in it with pillows and blankets.  He thinks that the entire room belongs to him and he loves it.  Every morning he gets up around eight thirty and goes into that room all by himself to lay in the sun away from everyone.  It is his alone time.

I stayed up for a while working on issues between Microsoft WMI and Live OneCare’s firewall.  Getting WMI and RPC to work consistently through Live OneCare is quite problematic.  I worked on that until around one thirty and then went to bed.

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