March 19, 2009: Loving the Music

Even though Liesl decided to stay up late with her daddy last night she was still restless a lot of the night and Dominica did not manage to get all that much sleep.  It was a really good thing that she had turned in so early or she would have been in really rough shape today.

I weighed in this morning and so far I have lost thirty-three pounds since we started using the Wii Fit and Weight Watchers!  I am just two pounds away from my first “Wii goal” which I hope to hit sometime around Monday if all goes well.  No splurging for me.  I am in the home stretch.  That goal just happens to coincide with my lowest weight in recent years which I reached during the crazy diet challenge that we had at Citi in 2007.

Work was not nearly as busy today as it has been recently.  I was very glad to have a day that was not keeping me jumping from one thing to another without any breaks.

My new books, “Groovy Recipes” and “Windows Group Policy Administrator’s Pocket Consultant” arrived today from Amazon.

After work was over we had dinner – Dominica made this awesome cheesy polenta dish that we had for the first time today.  Then we spent the evening listening to music and hanging out in the living room.  I have been working on setting up a SOCKS5 proxy but need to do a bit of special configuration which is quite a pain.  It wouldn’t be so bad but I get so little time to work on it.

We spent the evening listening to music that we downloaded from Amazon’s MP3 service.  We are really loving having all of this awesome music available all of the time.  We are discovering great new artist and finding that we really, really enjoy having classical and jazz music playing all day long.  Because we have all of this great music now we have found that we are able to keep the television off all day long and just have music playing.  Liesl is loving it and now she only falls asleep when we are dancing with her.  It is really improving our lives.  I was finding having the television on so much really draining.  This is so much more uplifting.

I can’t wait until we have a chance to get the CD collection brought down from dad’s house and get all of that converted so that we can listen to that on the network as well.  That will be great.  That is like 1,200 CDs or more worth of music and a ton of it is classical and jazz so it will be perfect.

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