March 20, 2009: V240s Arrive

I got up earlier than usual tonight.  We went to bed at a decent hour last night which was nice for a change.  So often I am up until two in the morning.

I was surprised to discover that it had snowed in the lower Hudson Valley this morning!  Not very much snow – just enough to really shock everyone.  The weather has been so great for the past week or so with temperatures regularly hitting the fifties or even a few times into the sixties.  Snow was not expected today.

The weather warmed up pretty quickly as the sun came out and was quite bright today.

Got right to work this morning for, as expected, a busy Friday.  I worked all morning and got stuck working through my lunch time because someone called me and several people scheduled their weekend deployments during lunch without telling me ahead of time.  What a pain.

Once things calmed down after the lunch rush Dominica and I decided that we needed to take a walk so we bundled Liesl up and took her and Oreo out for a long walk around Chapel Hill.  We got some really good exercise today.  We did enough walking that Oreo was very soar and limping all evening.  It is good for him, though, as he needs to lose weight and keep up his muscle mass as he gets older.

My early morning work for tomorrow was postponed so I get to sleep in tomorrow which is awesome.  It has been rather a while since I got to sleep in on a Saturday.  I still have to work tomorrow but at least I don’t have to get up earlier than I do the rest of the week which is what normally happens.

Work did not go all that late tonight.  It was pretty good for a Friday.  After work was done and Liesl had gone to bed Dominica and I watched the three latest episodes of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse on Hulu.  That is our favourite new show.  It is the only new show that I watch, in fact.

The two Sun SunFire V240 2U UltraSparc IIIi servers that I got for a steal on eBay arrived today at dad’s house.  I am very excited to get to play with them.  Unfortunately they require serial console connections in order to be set up and dad does not have the requisite cabling so he has to bring the servers down to my place next week so that I can get them tested before it is too late to send them back in case anything is wrong.  These are really nice machines though.  Far nicer than the older SunFire V100 models that I am using now.  It’s a generation newer processor, twice as many processors, eight times the memory and more than double the drive capacity and far more than twice the I/O.  Very nice machines.

We went to bed at a pretty good time.  Did not stay up too late.  Tomorrow Katie is coming over for dinner and to visit.  We haven’t seen her in a while.

Dad is coming down to visit on Monday, I think.  We are still working out the final details of his visit.

I am scheduled to go into Warren on Wednesday of next week.

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