March 24, 2009: Don’t Watch The Mummy 3

I worked this morning while Dad, Dominica and Liesl visited.  Luckily it was a really slow morning in the office so I got to visit in between things as well.

Our meal schedule was all off today so Dominica cooked a huge breakfast of egg beaters, veggie sausage and soy cheese that we ate during a sort-of brunch window and then skipped lunch.

Work was busier this afternoon so I did not get to visit much.  We ordered in dinner tonight after work was done.  We ordered in Italian which was awesome.  Real cheese for a change!

While we ate dinner we watched The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Mummy 3). Unfortunately, it turned out to be really bad.  Not really entertaining at all.  I was really surprised by how bad it was.  We were not expecting that at all.  The first two films were so good.  And this one even had Michelle Yeoh too but she was not enough to save it.  Dominica thought that it was still better than Indiana Jones 4 which isn’t saying much.  How did this entire genre of films die such a horrible, horrible death this year?  Very sad.

After the movie was over we watched several episodes of Grace and Favour‘s second season before going to bed.  Tomorrow I am going out to Warren for most of the day.  Dad has decided to stay in Peekskill until Thursday.

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