March 25, 2009: Out in Warren

I got up this morning and worked from home for several hours.  It was a pretty busy morning.  I had hoped to have been able to have left home around ten thirty which would put me in Warren, NJ by noonish but I ended up not being able to leave Peekskill until after noon.

I listened to my iPod, the Stack Overflow Podcast Episode 43, on the way out.  It has been a while since I have been able to listen to my podcasts so that was nice.  The drive is just over an hour and a half.

I got out to Warren at twenty after one.  I picked up Dinesh and Harsh and we went straight down to Green Brook to the Hot Thai House and grabbed some lunch.  I only get a chance to get Thai when I am working in Warren.  The food down there was really good.  Very spicy but with a really good flavour.  Lots of kick.

After lunch we came back to the office and I got settled in for a little while but mostly just took care of some emails and had impromtu meetings with whomever I ran into.  I am very out of touch with people in Warren so it is good for me to stop in and see whomever I can when I am there.

At five thirty everyone in the office drove on down to Houlihans on Route 22 to hang out.  We were having a special “party” as a thank you to the people who worked the sixteen hour day when the datacenter went down several weeks ago.

We had a really good time.  We ordered tons of appetizers and beer and hung out at the bar.  There were probably twenty of us or more who went.  The food at Houlihans is really excellent.  Far above the quality that you expect from a chain bar and grill.  I really enjoy eating there.  Today was quite the treat for me as a complete break from my diet.

Everyone took off around eight or eight thirty from the bar.  I was the only person who stayed to have dinner.  Dinesh hung out with me while I ate.  I didn’t want to drink and then drive home on an empty stomach.  Not that I hadn’t had appetizers but I had not had dinner.  Most everyone lives pretty close there so were driving home for dinner but it takes me well over an hour an a half from down there to get home so I wanted to make sure that I had food.  Dad and Dominica ordered in Chinese takeway for dinner.

Dinesh and I left Houlihans around nine to head home.  My drive home went pretty well.  For some reason the battery in my iPod died.  I only used it for two hours before it died and it was completely charged just minutes before I got into the car this morning.  I hope that the battery is not dying on me already.  What a pain that would be!  Maybe there was just some charging problem.

I got home a little after ten thirty.  We stayed up for just a little while.  Tomorrow morning I have to work the early shift starting at six thirty so I need to get to sleep on the early side.

Dominica stayed up until a little after midnight.  I took my Acer Aspire One to bed and posted some updates to the SpiceWorks forums from there before calling it a night.

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