March 29, 2009: Liesl Goes Outlet Shopping

I slept in this morning.  I mean really slept in.  It was awesome.  We went to bed before midnight so it was an early night for us to begin with and then, because the weather has been so nice and warm, we were able to sleep for the third night in a row with the window above my side of the bed open (the window on Dominica’s side has some issues with the wood and needs to be replaced before we can use it again) and Oreo was a super snuggle dog all night too sleeping back to back with me all stretched out for maximum warmth and snuggles.  It made for a very good night’s sleep.

I didn’t get up until a quarter until ten.  Almost ten hours of sleep for me.  I feel very, very refreshed this morning.  Dominica was not nearly as refreshed as Liesl has been getting her up rather early in the mornings for the last week or so with today being no exception.  Oreo stayed in bed with me until after I had showered even.  Normally he will get out of bed between seven and eight in the morning and move himself to the nursery (which he considers to be his own room) to sleep on the air mattress (which he considers to be his own bed.)

It was around ten thirty when Oreo and I came downstairs.  The morning was spent playing with Liesl, taking out the trash, walking Oreo, trying to squeeze in time for coffee and breakfast, etc.  I also had a short conference call at eleven this morning that lasted for about half an hour.

When I took Oreo on his morning walk today he decided to chase the goose that “lives” in our front yard.  The goose was in no mood for these shenanigans today and hissed at Oreo and stood its ground and rose up with its wings out trying to look all big and threatening.  Oreo almost got himself seriously goosed but decided to leave the goose be and to carry on his merry way.  It was a nice little bit of excitement for our little Boston Terrier on a Sunday morning.

Katie arrived just after one to pick up Dominica and Liesl.  Today is Liesl’s first time going to the outlet mall.  Liesl has enjoyed her shopping trips recently to the grocery store and other places with Dominica so much that they decided to attempt a real day of shopping.  Dominica has been trying to get out to a Williams-Sonoma for quite a while now so this will be nice.  Next time that they go shopping I am hoping that they can take the KT-Mobile to Ikea in Patterson (or wherever it is in New Jersey) to pick up a couple of large bookshelves that we are going to mount in the basement to mirror the ones that we already have as we are just beginning to run out of shelf space and need places to put books as they ship down from dad’s house.

After Dominica, Liesl and Katie left to go shopping I put in some time cleaning around the house.  I find it so much easier to clean when it is just Oreo and I at home.  I got important kitchen cleaning done and moved boxes and all kinds of stuff that came from dad’s house last week so that the dining room looks more or less normal again.  I moved the kitchen table all by myself and put the wine fridge into the corner where it belongs.  Now we have space to move around and a place to put our wine that Dominica just picked up the other day.  It is so nice to start getting our real furniture and appliances again.  The house is starting to come together.

After cleaning and redding the next task was to get completely caught back up on Sheep Guarding Llama.  It is nearly impossible for me to keep up during the week so I just took an hour or two and sat down and caught back up.  Having cleaning and blogging out of the way and not hanging over my head makes it so much easier to get to work on other things.

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on the HP Integrity rx2600 that I have sitting by my desk.  I am having a terrible time getting into the management processor so that I can do anything.  It requires me to hit Control-Ecf but when I do nothing happens.  I tried the web portal as well as a telnet console and nothing.  So I finally gave up, after two hours or more of working on it, and called Dominica and Katie and asked them to stop somewhere to pick up a USB keyboard as the one that we have here at the house has gone missing.  Dominica’s laptop’s wireless keyboard died recently and she really needs to have a normal, wired keyboard so getting a new USB keyboard isn’t a big deal as she will use it on a daily basis.  Having wireless for your everyday keyboard and mouse is way more of a pain than it is worth.

After giving up on the server I went back upstairs and cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes and vacuumed the floors.  The house is looking pretty good by this point.

I am excited to be wearing a shirt today that I have not worn in about a year because it has been too small for me.  It is fitting just fine today, yay!

Dominica, Liesl and Katie got back from shopping at a quarter until eight this evening.  They were about shopping for more than six hours.  Liesl had a great time and Dominica said that she did really well.  Liesl got some really cool new outfits today including her first formal dress!

Katie was originally going to stay for dinner and a chance to watch some Coupling on Netflix but she had a headache that was getting worse by the time that they got to Peekskill so she decided to just go home and get some sleep.  So instead of ordering in dinner Dominica made something healthy that we ate while watching an episode of Murder She Wrote.

After watching one episode Dominica spent an hour or more on the phone and I went down to the basement to get some work done.  I did a ton of blog writing today and am really happy with my progress.  I also finally got access to the rx2600 console and posted some information about it on SGL so that other people would not have to go through the same headaches that I just did.  Hopefully the information is searchable and useful to some people.  There are very few people out there trying out HP Integrity servers these days.

I got a chance to do some serious blogging today.  It is thirty minutes until midnight as I write this and I have written almost nine thousand words today!  That is a lot of writing.  This might be by biggest blog writing day ever – not including days when I wrote a really long paper for a class which I subsequently posted to SGL.  Those don’t really count.

Dominica was on the phone until after eleven thirty giving me a lot of time to write.  After she was done talking to Francesca I came back up to the living room and we attempted to watch Murder She Wrote but everything that we tried to watch off of NetFlix would die part way through the episode which is really frustrating.  We put in a good hour or more watching half of three different episodes of shows and not getting to finish any of them.  So we switched to Hulu and watched Family Guy and went to bed around one thirty in the morning.

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