March 30, 2009: Busy Monday

The temperature really dropped last night.  The house was quite chilly when we got up this morning.  I heard some reports from back home that suggested that they may even have seen snow today.  Every time that I hear about snow back home I am reminded how wonderful it is living in the Hudson Valley.

Today was quite busy.  I worked steadily all day and really did not get a lot of time to spend with the family.  I didn’t get a chance to change out of my pajamas all day either.

I managed to find some of my old college roommates on FaceBook today.  I’ve been looking for my original GMI roommate, Jamie Quaderer, for more than a decade now and he finally has an FB account.  Of course, I get the impression that he does not check it very often so we will see how long before he adds me to his friends list.

I decided tonight that it was time to get to serious work on putting together SpiceCorp for New York City.  SpiceCorp is the SpiceWorks User Group.  I sent out emails and did online postings so that I could gather interest in getting people together sometime soon.  Hopefully we will see this go somewhere sometime soon.

Tonight we watched As Time Goes By, which as everyone should know is my all time favourite television show.  We did not get to watch very much of it though.

Between Dominica and I we were pretty much on the phone all day.  I was on all during the day itself and she was on almost all evening.  She and Francesca have been making plans for the big family Disney World trip that is happening the last week of November this year.

Dominica and I have decided, since money is tight and Liesl will not remember the trip, that we are going to stay with everyone at the All Star Music (or whatever it is called) resort.  We had been planning on staying at either Coronado Springs or Port Orleans French Quarter but decided that the cost savings were really worth it.  Not only is it cheaper but it will make things a lot easier for Dominica having the family there to help with Liesl since I will likely be working a good bit of the time that we are there.  We really can’t afford to have me taking extra time off from work.  At least we are going over Thanksgiving so that I have some holiday time to use while we are there.  So it isn’t as bad as it seems me needing to work.

The thing that I am most excited about on this trip is getting to eat at the newly re-menued Tusker House.  Dominica and I ate there before (in the Animal Kingdom) but it was a counter service restaurant back then and we had commented about how it did not feel like it should have been counter service and we thought that Disney should have done something nice with it instead.  Well, they have.  Now Tusker House is an exotic buffet style place with many flavours coming from the amazing restaurants that we love so much at the Animal Kingdom Lodge like Boma.  So we are definitely eating at the Tusker House and reviewing it for everyone.

Liesl, as I have mentioned, is going to bed earlier and earlier these days.  She was asleep around eight or eight thirty tonight.  She fell asleep in Dominica’s arms while she was talking on the phone.  So we are going to be woken up rather early tomorrow, I predict.

Dominica and I went to bed on the early side.  Before midnight at least.  Not exactly early but early for us.

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