March 3, 2009: Another Very Long Day

The snow is still everywhere quite thick but the sun was out in total brilliance this morning.  So even though the ground was white and the air was below twenty degrees it was still a gorgeous day.  Oreo spent the entire morning laying in the sun panting.  The furnace did not have to run all day from all of the wonderful sunshine that we had pouring into the house.

Work was quite busy today.  I got started earlier than usual and it was good because I was needed all day long.  I was so busy, in fact, that I only took about fifteen minutes, or less, for lunch.  I came upstairs and ate with Dominica but I had to do so many things during the time that I was attempting to eat that my food was cold anyway.  This often happens to me.

My 16GB SD card arrived from Amazon today.  That is going to be my operating system expansion card for my Acer Aspire One netbook which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to having that system with which to play.  I am thinking that I will probably use it quite a lot.

Dominica was able to get a little bit of time to work on her course work today.  She is now up to ten elevenths of the way through her second class at the UofI.  I am expecting that tomorrow she will probably be able to finish that one and then she will officially be halfway through her program.  Very exciting.  She is making very good progress.

Katie reported via Twitter today that Duds’ surgery on his leg went well.  He has arthritis which is no surprise and his ligament in his legs was torn halfway through.  Poor doggy.  He must have been in so much pain.  He is doing well last I heard.  Katie is very excited to have him back home after his surgery.

Tomorrow is cardboard recycling day in Peekskill and luckily Dominica remembered about it today so we were able to take out our cardboard this evening.  Boy is it nice to have two months of cardboard out of the house.  We don’t have any spare space and all of those boxes just pile up all over the place.

This evening Dominica got a chance to go out and do some grocery shopping.  Tonight was her night to go to Stop and Shop.  She tries to alternate between our two local grocery stores so that we can get some additional variety.  That meant that I was home alone with Liesl and Oreo for about two hours.  Liesl was, of course, asleep when Dominica decided to go but woke up as she was going on of the door and did not start to get sleepy again until Dominica returned.

We watched very little “television” this evening.  I was content to have the TV turned off while Dominica was out shopping and she did not turn it on right away after getting home.  Then I talked to Andy on the phone for a while this evening.  We ended up just watching an hour and a half of Murder She Wrote before Dominica fell asleep and went to bed.

We are trying to start limiting the amount of time that the television is on because Liesl is beginning to watch it.  It is very hard for Dominica as it is so tempting to have the television on all during the day since it is right in the middle of the house where she takes care of Liesl.  Everytime that Liesl isn’t completely demanding her attention it is natural to just turn it on because there is not enough time to really do anything else.  Now that Liesl is television aware we have to change our patterns.  We are trying to only have it on while she is asleep or in situations where she cannot see it.

I did some more work with SpiceWorks tonight.  I am getting to know that software pretty well.  It is very useful for me and I am enjoying using it.  It has a lot of really neat features that I am just now beginning to delve into.  There are still quite a number of areas where it is not doing what I want or expect it to do so I am not sure if it is having a problem of if I am unaware of how to set everything up properly.  There is all kinds of support for it so I suppose that I should start taking advantage of some of that to get it really tuned and running smoothly.

I had quite a bit of work that I needed to do late tonight so I did what I could before Dominica went to bed but she fell asleep around half past midnight.  I got stuck working at my laptop in the living room until after three in the morning.  It seems that late at night is the only time that I am really able to get very much done.  Whenever the television is on it is very distracting and it slows me to a crawl.  I am not good at being efficient when there is something going on grabbing my attention.

Boy was I tired by the time that I was heading off to bed.  Tomorrow morning at eleven Liesl has a doctor’s appointment as well.  This is her first appointment in a really long time because of a scheduling mess up by the doctor’s office.  They kept playing games of telling us how long we should go between visits and then “misscheduling” us way too early and then saying “oh, that’s far too early” and then later saying “oh, its not worth changing the date” even though it was half the time that it should have been between visits.  We were not very happy with them trying to make extra money that way.  Then they scheduled us twice as long or more than they suggested.  It is a total mess.

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