March 5, 2009: Lots of Links

I found out today that SGL was linked via Yahoo! Answers for the question on how to download the song 16 Going On 17 from Statefarm.  I also found one of my pictures being used on  I believe that I have linked to this one before but here is the Cocker Spaniel guide page from HubPages with a picture of my childhood dog, Buffer, in a picture taken by my mother.  Here is one of my pictures used by a student at Lee’s Summit Highschool in Missouri.  Thanks also to Flat Mountain for their link to us.

The sun was out in force today and the air temperature was up into the forties for most of the day.  It was really a gorgeous day.  Oreo was very happy to be able to go out for his daily walk without having to face snow wherever he went.

Today was another day with several hours of telephone time.  That seems to be the way of things recently.  I don’t normally get stuck on the phone all that much but the past few weeks it seems that the headset never really comes off as I go from one conference call to another throughout the day.

We were quite hungry and so had an early lunch today.  Dominica made vegetarian BLT sandwiches around eleven thirty which were really good as we have not had that in quite a while and it is one of my favourite foods.  I did not get very much time for lunch today.  I got stuck on calls and my food was cold, as usual, by the time that I actually got a chance to eat and I had to head back to work shortly after finishing my food.  I did get a little bit of a chance to see Liesl, though, whom I held during lunch and she fell asleep on my chest for a while.

The afternoon was pretty busy but I was able to come upstairs at a pretty decent time and hang out with everyone.  Somehow the evening just flew by and before I knew it it was very, very late.  I really did not manage to get anything done this evening.  I can’t figure out where the day went.

I did manage to hang out with Liesl a bit today.  She was in a good mood for me much of the day and at one point, while Dominica was cooking dinner, I was carrying Liesl around as I often do with her dangling at my side which is her favourite place to be and while I was checking in with work she fell asleep.  So I go stuck with her sleeping with me holding her in the basement for quite a while.

Dominica has been on a kick watching Extreme Engineering or something like that so we watched some shows about building tunnels, bridges, airports and dams.  It is all interesting but if you watch very much of that stuff you really get to see just how dumbed down they make those programs and how massively repetitive they are as if they were being filmed for little kids.  You can miss half of the show and not miss a single word.  At one point I was actually confused that the show had started over but they were just reading the script again but showing different images.  Writers must be more expensive than the film crew.

Dominica wasn’t feeling all that well this evening so she, Liesl and Oreo went to bed around eleven or maybe even a little bit before.  I stayed up until after one.  I did some work for the office, wrote some emails and did some work on the Acer Aspire trying to test out alternative operating systems running from the USB stick (which I never got to work at all) and wrapping up writing Sheep Guarding Llama for the day.

Tomorrow is Friday and the new employment numbers are being announced in the morning so I need to be up early so that I can be on the conference call to support the trading floors when those numbers are announced.  There is a potential for a big increase in trading traffic when any new set of numbers are announced because if the numbers announced are dramatically different than those that were anticipated then there is heavy trading in one direction or the other.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day.

We have no plans for this weekend.  Dominica’s parents are thinking about coming down to visit next weekend.  My family is thinking about coming down later in the month but no date is set yet for that and my cousin Sara is talking about coming down next week as she has not had a chance to see Liesl at all yet.

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