March 6, 2009: A Very Long Day Indeed

I tried to go to bed last night but Oreo was in a bizarre mood or maybe just was not feeling well.  He got up twice and made me take him outside.  Then he just moved to the nursery and kept bugging me to get out of bed.  Finally I went downstairs and we played fetch for a while.  He was still acting strangely, though, as he would get extremely excited to play but only play for a few minutes and then lay down.  Then he would get excited and want to play again.  He was panting a bit more than usual as well.

Oreo played really hard this afternoon and then slept through the entire evening and didn’t get his supper until many hours after he would normally have eaten.  It is possible that his schedule is out of kilter and that he was just confused as to the time or something.  We played until three thirty in the morning when I was finally able to convince him to try going back to bed. He was still rather restless for a while but eventually we managed to get some sleep.

At least while I was stuck awake taking care of Oreo I was able to figure out what was wrong with the netbook and I was able to get Fedora 10 (with XFCE) to boot up from the USB stick so that I could try it out.  From what little bit I had a chance to see it is looking pretty good.  I will try to do more experimenting tomorrow and possibly even replace the existing OS with this one.

I got up at ten after eight this morning.  I had to be on the early morning employment numbers call for the bank to support the trading load that could happen.  The numbers were just as expected so there was pretty much nothing to do.

This morning I decided to start an Oreo twitter feed.  Having a Twitter page for your pet is just cool.

Work was pretty busy but not too crazy considering that it is a Friday.  I got a chance to do a full Fedora 10 install onto the Acer Aspire One in the hopes of making it into the netbook that I am hoping that it will be.  I have just about everything working except for the audio which I did not get any chance to look at today.  I have all of the main packages that want installed and the netbook will do all of the things that I need it to do to be productive include flawlessly playing h.264 movies of which I have tons of to play upon it.  The high quality screen, while small, makes for very nice viewing, especially as I can see it without needing to wear my glasses.

Work ended up running really late this evening.  By late afternoon I was really dragging from lack of sleep.

I got a little bit of time to hang out with Dominica and Liesl this evening but work never wrapped up so I was constantly going between the living room and the basement or just working from the living room on the laptop or the netbook.  I barely got to see Liesl at all today because I skipped lunch as well.  It feels like we didn’t even get to hang out today.

We did get a bit of a break this evening around eight when we were able to go out to the mailbox, get the new BluRay of Blades of Glory that arrived in the mail today and watch that on the PS3 in the living room.  That was nice.  That was a very silly but quite entertaining movie with a lot of people that I like in it.  Dominica had seen it already which I did not know.  She has seen a ton more movies in the last few years than I have had a chance to see.

Other than that one reprieve, and even that was not a solid break, I was stuck working until after two in the morning.  We are doing a lot of hardware maintenance work at the office and the only good time in which to do it is extremely late on Friday nights so this is the result of that.

I was painfully tired by the time that things were wrapping up at work.  Luckily the type of work that we do really late at night like this is not very complicated.  All I really do is coordinate with some people, shut boxes down, turn monitoring on and off at appropriate times, bring boxes back up and check them out.  Nothing dangerous like I might break something.  Good thing too because I have no decision making skills at this point in the morning.

We got a chance to talk to Ramona tonight and she is planning to come up to Peekskill to visit on Sunday late in the morning or early in the afternoon and will stay here until Monday.  The my cousin Sara is kicking around the idea of coming down to visit next week but we do not have a schedule from her yet so we have no idea if that is going to work or not.  Then next weekend Dominica’s parents are coming to visit.  I expect that they will arrive late on Saturday morning and leave on Sunday afternoon.  Then my family – dad, aunt Sharon and uncle Leo – are thinking about coming down some time shortly after that during the week.  Apparently I need to get to work on some cleaning.

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning I am going to be sleeping in something fierce.  Once I wake up I have a bit of work that needs to be done for the office.  Then there is nothing else planned for the day except, of course, for cleaning of which we will be doing a lot.  I will definitley be doing some relaxing as well as some playing with the new netbook.  I am really loving that unit.  It is so nice to use for so many tasks.  Now that I have it loaded with Fedora 10 it will be so much more useful.  It is no longer running a toy operating system but something serious with which I can really work.

I really wish that we had the funding to get these Acer Aspire One netbooks for the school in Castile.  These are so much nicer than the OLPCs and at approximately the same price!  These would be perfect for so many kids.  Easily portable to take to and from school but powerful enough to really use for work processing, educational programs, programming, some games, web surfing, email, etc.  It will be a long time before we can do anything like that, I am afraid.

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