March 8, 2009: Ramona Visits

We all slept in a little this morning but could not sleep in too late because there was so much work to be done around the house today.  Today is the beginning of daylight savings time in the United States so we “sprung ahead” this morning so our night was an hour shorter than it might have been.  So our “long” night was really probably not even eight hours.

We got up this morning and moved right down to the living room.  Dominica set up shop and got to work on her UNIX Admin class while I set to cleaning the house to prepare for Ramona to come this afternoon.  We spent several hours trying to do our homework and cleaning while Liesl slept on and off.

I got paged out around two in the afternoon and had to stop cleaning right in the midst of things so that I could go get onto a conference call.  I think that this means that I have been working about twenty-one days straight without a real break and that is wearing me down.

Dominica was busy watching Liesl and had no way to do any cleaning while I was stuck in the basement cleaning.  Then Dominica had to run out to the train station to pick up Ramona while Liesl stayed in the basement with me.

I got stuck on the call for several hours.  So much for my evening and for visiting with Ramona.  At least she and Dominica and Liesl were able to hang out together for a while.

Art called us this evening to fill us in on their details.  Boy do the Ralstons have a lot going on recently.  Their house is rented as of the end of this month and they are preparing to leave for the Congo possibly very soon – potentially as early as May which is a crazy deadline to try to meet.

It was around six by the time that I was finally free to actually visit with everyone.  They had decided to order in dinner as we were going to go out to eat before I got stuck working all evening.  So they ordered in from Forno’s which was pretty good.  It is our first time getting food from there and their Italian fare was very tasty.  Not good for our diets whatsoever but it was a really nice change as it has been a really long time since we ordered in really good Italian.

After dinner I finally had a chance to sneak off and take a shower. Then Ramona and I ran out to Stop and Shop to make a beer run.  While looking up to see if it was possible to buy beer this late in the evening on a Sunday I discovered that New York had changed the alcohol laws in mid-2006, just after Dominica and I moved away.  Now beer can be purchased at any time whatsoever and there is no more Sunday morning restriction.

Then we had a chance to visit for a while and we concluded the evening by putting Coupling on from NetFlix and watched that for much of the evening.  We watched the rest of the first season and bit of the second season.

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