March 7, 2009: Another Saturday Working

I was really exhausted when I got up this morning.  I had to work way too late last night and I did not get a very good night’s rest because I was so exhausted when I finally got to bed.  I woke up with the sinus problem that I get that, as far as I can tell, is caused by being over exhausted when I go to bed and is somehow connected to my CPAP although I have never managed to figure out exactly what causes the problem so I am unable to avoid it.  So I spent the day with what seems like a sinus affection which does not make me happy.

There was quite a bit of work to do today but nothing that had to be done first thing so I was able to sleep in until well after ten.  Then it was time to log into the office and spend the day working.

I put in several hours today working until into the evening.  It was a lot more work today than I had been planning to be doing.  But I can’t complain about the hours these days although the number of hours that I have been logging the last few weeks are really taking their toll on me.

After working quite a bit today I spent the evening hanging out with the family. Before we could just relax, Dominica went out and did a bit of shopping.  Liesl was, for a change, completely obliging and slept for me the entire time that Dominica was away and Oreo did not ask to go out.  This never happens when I am left home alone with the children.

We relaxed for a while and then watched Blades of Glory on BluRay which Dominica has seen previously but I have not.  It was silly but entertaining.

We got to bed just a little after midnight.  It is a short night tonight.  Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow.

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