April 10, 2009: Covering on Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and today I am covering for my team so that they can have today off.  Instead I am taking a day off next week.

I slept in just a little this morning.  I was up way too late last night working on that DNS issue to be able to get up early today.  No way that that was going to be happening.  So I slept in as late as I could and then ran down to the office to get to work.

Work was very, very slow today which was awesome.  There was definitely several hours of work to do but it was all pretty low-key.  Mostly there was just a lot of packages to be deployed as a few teams decided to work today and to push out tons and tons of packages.  But it was all simple stuff so rather relaxing.

I did have to work fairly late tonight.  Until around seven.  Then the evening was spent getting ready for tomorrow.  We want to leave as early as possible but realistically it will not be all that early.  I have to start work before eight in the morning.

This has been a week of really short SGL updates.  Sorry, just too busy to keep up.

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