April 11, 2009: Driving to Waverly

I got up at seven thirty this morning and got right to work.  Today’s work for Bahrain is very minor and only supposed to take fifteen minutes or so.  It won’t really be that fast.  It shouldn’t be long but fifteen minutes is never realistically an amount of time for anything.  It takes at least that long just to log into the computer.

I wrapped up my first bit of work in under and hour and set to doing my server patching.  That is the real work for the day.  That ended up taking several hours which was mostly expected.  I wasn’t surprised that it took so long.  It is just too bad that there was so much patching to be done on a holiday weekend because it kept us from traveling as early as we would have liked.

While I was working Dominica packed up everything that we needed and got the car mostly loaded up.  She made lunch so that we could eat at home before getting on to the road.  Cheaper, healthier and faster.  It is going to be an “off the wagon” weekend as far as the diet goes, I’m afraid.

It was just after one thirty when we got the troops loaded into the car and hit the highway.  We made a quick trip to the Beach Shopping Center to send out some mail and so that Dominica could make a run to CVS for some supplies.  We were less than ten minutes and were on our way out of Peekskill.

The drive went very well.  The weather was good and clear and there was a bit of traffic but not so much as to be problematic.  We made good time and only had to stop once and very quickly.

We drove to Dominica’s aunt’s house in Waverly, New York arriving in the late afternoon around five thirty.  So almost exactly four hours from our house to Waverly.

This was Liesl’s first trip to Waverly and her first time meeting a lot of people.  She was pretty happy overall.  Oreo had a rough time with all of the kids as he is really, really blind now and it was pretty dark so he couldn’t see people coming or where furniture was or whatever so it was tough for him.  It is sad seeing him get so old.

We had a good evening hanging out with the family.  We weren’t out too late.  We are spending the night at James and Nikki’s house which is just a mile or two away from Dominica’s aunt’s house in Waverly.  We have never been to their house before.

We had a good time hanging out with James and Nikki.  We stayed up way too late for Dominica and James.  Nikki and I are too much alike and stayed up until one thirty talking while the cousins were passing out from lack of sleep.

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