April 14, 2009: Back to Waverly and Home

It is Tuesday morning and today is my first, real, honest to goodness day off of work since mid January.  Before going to bed last night I set my Out of Office in Outlook and am not checking my BlackBerry today.  I absolutely have to have the day off.  Too much to do and too long without a break.

I slept in a little but was up around nine.  At a little after ten we drove over to Geneseo to eat at the Omega Grill for breakfast.  Out third time here in two days.

My aunt Sharon and uncle Leo met us at the Omega so that they could see Liesl some more before we head back home this afternoon.

After breakfast we ran over to M&R and picked up the Mazda Protege 5 which is all set now.  Inspected, new rear brakes and the summer performance tires.  Not cheap but we haven’t had a car payment to make on it in years so can’t really complain and it costs practically nothing on our insurance.

Once we got back to dad’s we spent quite a while loading up the two cars.  Dominica and I went through the garage and picked out the bins that were of the highest priority to us so that we would have stuff back at the house that would be most useful to us.  We also grabbed books, CDs and all of the DVDs that we could cram into the nooks and crannies of the cars easily.  More than enough stuff to keep me very, very busy converting media for a month or more without a doubt.  It takes a long time to work through all of this stuff.

I think that it was around two when we finally got on the road out of Pavilion.  We are both driving on this trip.  Dominica driving Liesl and Oreo in the Mazda and me driving the BMW.  We had to split it up that way as it was the only way that we really all fit.

We stopped at the Pilot gas station in Kanona where they have a Subway.  We stopped in and got subs because we were going to be really hungry later on and would end up snacking while on the road if we didn’t.  We also topped off the tanks so that we would avoid needing to stop again for gas.

We drove on to Waverly and decided to stop and visit with Dominica’s family again for an hour or so before continuing on.  Dominica’s cousin Diane and her kids were down at James and Nikki’s house and we were unable to see them on the way up a few days ago so we decided to stop in and see them now.

It was around seven when we got back on the road towards Peekskill.  The drive went well.  I spent most of the time listening to my iPod.  I am still catching up on my podcasts from IT Conversations that I have been missing over the last few months.  I especially enjoy listing to Stack Overflow.

It was just before eleven when we pulled into Peekskill.  We were quite tired by the time that we got home.  We unloaded only what we needed and left the rest of the stuff in the cars until tomorrow.

The note that we left on the front door for UPS is gone so we are hoping that we will have our wine delivered in a day or two.

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