April 15, 2009: Mamma Mia!

Back home and back to work.  Today is our attempt to get everything back to normal after the long weekend back home.

I worked all day.  Nothing surprising there.  Lots of catch-up to be played after having been off yesterday.  My big project for the day is getting a jump start on all of the CDs and DVDs that have come from dad’s house and that need to be converted so that we can take them back for long term storage.

I made good progress on the CDs today.  They are my first order of business because they get converted so quickly and because they are so useful straight away.  The moment that they get converted I can listen to them at my desk or Dominica and Liesl can listen to them upstairs in the living room.  And they can be converted quickly so it is most advantageous to get them completed and boxed back up so that they are out of the way as quickly as possible as we have no spare space.

Liesl came down to the office with me for at least half an hour today.  She loves sitting on my lap while I work and she really watches what I do.  She is going to love computers – I can just tell.

Liesl enjoys typing on the keyboard just like her daddy and while I was sitting here working today I opened up KWrite on my Linux workstation and Liesl typed out the following document:

huuu5ttttty7uuuuyy7yuuu8uuuuuuuu,k kkkkkm7766666666tpppp;;;,,,,

\]’]'[/+..///…………………… ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmykjew 00000ffgyyvvvvvvvvvvvvvf56
,,,,,,,,,,,,,n ‘

I took out a number of empty lines to make it more readable.  But she typed all of that all on her own.  Pretty impressive, I think.  She will be blogging on her own in no time at all.

This evening we watched Mamma Mia! which came on BluRay from Netflix.  While being incredibly corny it is a really good movie.  You can’t go wrong with the music of Abba and there are some really great actors in it as well.  We really enjoyed it and expect that we will probably end up buying this one.  This is the first movie that we have rented since joining Netflix that we feel like we should own.  That really shows how well Netflix is working out for us.  We are getting to see a ton of stuff that doesn’t make the cut for buying it and finding stuff that we want to own that we may have been reluctant to spend money on previously without being sure that we would want to own it.

We made an appointment with Orange County BMW for tomorrow evening to go look at cars.  We are thinking that we are going to trade in the 330Cic convertible on something like a 528i.  We just don’t have enough space in either car.  The Mazda PR5 is usable but just barely.  Dominica has to sit dangerously close to the dash when Liesl’s car seat is in the car and the convertible she is smashed into the dashboard and can barely move.  I cannot even get into the passenger seat when Liesl is there and if we were to have another child I would be physically unable to drive if I could even get into the driver’s seat at all.

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