April 21, 2009: Driving to Connecticut

Not much sleep for me last night.  It was four thirty when I finally went up to go to bed and it was definitely after five when I finally got off to sleep.  There were a few interruptions during the night as well and I was up by eight thirty this morning.  So two to three hours or real sleep in my estimation.

Work was incredibly busy today.  My whole morning was just a matter of running from one task to another as quickly as I could.  Very overwhelming.  I was completely exhausted by lunch time.  Of course, I didn’t get to take my lunch because I was so busy.

I worked through lunch and had a rather busy afternoon as well.  So much work coming in that I was really “task thrashing” as I like to call it.  Constantly context switching and never able to get enough time to just focus on a single task that I spent all of the time doing the task switching rather than being productive at all.

I found out today that we have decided to give up my office on Wall Street and that I am getting a physical company phone delivered to my house so that I will be able to work from home without needing to really think about needing to go to the office or dealing with phone problems because people are calling the office when I am home and vice versa.  That is going to make life a lot easier in the long run.

My connection to the office died today right at five.  I spent half an hour attempting to get reconnected but finally abandoned the idea as a complete waste of time.  Dominica wanted to go for a drive in the new car so we just grabbed the children and headed out the door to the new X3.

We decided to drive up to Washington, Connecticut which is famous as being the town that inspired Stars Hollow, CT in the television show The GIlmore Girls. Dominica has been watching that a lot recently and it was pretty close so it seemed like it would be a nice drive to take.  Dominica has never been to Connecticut at all and I only ever have been once way back when Andy and I drove from Rochester, New York to Rye Harbor, New Hampshire to get food one day.  That was probably in 1999 and I would have only seen Connecticut late at night.

The drive really is not far.  Only about an hour.  Dominica spent quite a bit of time playing with the in-dash navigation system trying to determine how it works.  Once we figured it out it really is easy compared to the touch screen of the Garmin.

The drive went well.  Washington is a really cute little down.  We ended up driving around on the outskirts going down some really tiny one lane roads and seeing some amazing houses.  A rather interesting place to be sure.

We had been hoping to have gotten food in Washington but did not stumble on any place to eat except one which was too fancy for how we were dressed.  So we drove out of town and ended up eating at a Denny’s in Danbury because it was all that we could find easily.

We tried their new pancake puppies.  Oh wow are those every good!  Those are going to be very dangerous indeed.  Everyone should go try them.

It was around ten, I think, when we got back to Peekskill.  Liesl was asleep for the entire trip.  She slept around eighteen hours today!  We are sure that today is one of her big growth spurts.  She will be an inch taller tomorrow.  It is so funny how she just sleeps and sleeps while she is busy growing.

Andy called just after we got home and he and I ended up talking until around one thirty in the morning!  Then I had to get to the work that I needed to do all day anyway.  So I started working and ended up not finishing up until five in the morning!  I am going to be so exhausted tomorrow.  There just is not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

The Ralstons are coming down to Peekskill tomorrow.  They are leaving sometime in the morning and I believe that they are coming by motorcycle.  Not sure exactly when they are leaving.

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