April 22, 2009: The Ralstons’ Final Visit to Peekskill

Today the Ralstons are coming from back home down to visit us for the last time before they hope to be going to Impfondo, Republic of the Congo.  They are hoping to leave in late May so the next several seeks entails them running from one state to another trying to visit everyone that they should be seeing before, very likely, leaving the United States forever – or nearly forever.

The Ralstons still need funds to support them while they are in the Congo working at Pioneer Christian Hospital.  If anyone is able to help support them it would be really wonderful.  As it is they are going over there without enough current support to allow them to stay.  So their hope is that they will be able to raise additional support while they are there.  If they do not their will have to leave the hospital to come back to the United States in order to raise additional support.

The plan was to do as much house cleaning this morning as possible.  Work was so busy that I was never able to even think about doing any cleaning around the house.  Dominica did was she could during the day.  There was a lot of the house that we just did not get enough time to clean by the time that the Ralstons arrived.

Art and Danielle arrived in the late afternoon.  Luckily my morning had been really busy but things were not quite so bad in the late afternoon so we did get to visit some.

One of the very first things that happened after they arrived was that Art was eating some Cadbury’s candy coated mini eggs and he broke a tooth.  Split a tooth pretty much in half.  Fortunately it was not painful and he did not have to go see a dentist about it right away.

Once my work was finally done we all drove out to the New City Diner to get our dinner.  It was rather late when we finally got out there.  Almost eight, I believe.  The dinner crowd had already gone and the people were dwindling.  Dominica got her traditional Veggie Cat Burger (veggie burger with a hash brown, fried eggplant and tons of veggies – extremely delicious.)  She gets that every time that we go there because we do not go out to eat often enough for her not to be craving it.  I got the BBQ veggie burger which I often get.  Danielle got an apple walnut salad and Art got the Philly cheesesteak which we are pretty sure that he got the last time that they were down visiting us in Peekskill.

Since we are obviously already cheating on our diets and are going to be for the next few days Dominica and I went ahead and got awesome desserts because their pasteries there are really something.

We didn’t stay up all that late tonight which was good because I was very tired.  I have gotten almost no sleep all week and it is really wearing on me.  I have a really busy work weekend too so I will not have much of a chance to catch up on any sleep over the weekend either.  In addition to working this weekend, Katie is coming over on Saturday afternoon to visit for a little while.

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