April 6, 2009: Liesl Has Solid Food

We were quite exhausted this morning as we pulled ourselves out of bed. Last night was too short. I got only about four hours of sleep which, after two days of getting no more than that, was simply not enough.

This morning was very busy with work. I was just bouncing from one thing to another as quickly as I could all morning. I am just getting more and more tired.

At noon we had a quick doctor’s appointment for Liesl. She has an appointment every month now because we are getting her immunization shots spread out over six months. They try to do all six of that at once but that is really overwhelming to a baby’s system. The doctor thought that our plan of doing one each month for six months was very smart and they were happy to do that. This was she has one month to recover from each shot before going on to the next one. So the doctor’s visit only took about fifteen minutes.

We made a quick run to the post office to send out some bills and then ran to the vet to pick up some heartworm medicine for Oreo. Then back home so that I could get back to work.

My copy of “The Fox” arrived from Amazon today. It is written by Arlene Radasky who is a Twitter friend of mine.

This evening Liesl had her very first solid food. Dominica made her oatmeal and we took a video of her eating he food in her high chair in the dining room. She did very well for her first food. She is not quite four and a half months old yet so it is very early for her to be eating solid food but she has been showing all of the signs of being ready for it so we decided to start a week or two early.

Liesl definitely enjoyed the taste of real food even if she had a very hard time keeping any of it down. She still has a bit of the reaction to push food out with her tongue so she is not getting a lot of nutrition this way but it is a start.

Katie came over after work today and brought awesome foodies. She brought vegetable pate, fresh pasta, salad and she whipped up a garlic oil sauce for the pasta. Dinner was awesome.

Katie also brought along a $100 bottle of California Cabernet Savignon which was quite good. We enjoyed polishing off the bottle.

We watched two episodes of the second season of Coupling and then Katie headed for home. Duds is staying with Katie’s mom this week since Katie is flying out to California for a week.

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