April 7, 2009: Ordering Stuff

I got a chance to catch up just a tiny bit on my sleep last night.  It was, at least, an improvement.

Work was not nearly as busy today.  I enjoyed having a day to let my brain catch back up and figure out what all is going on and what needs to be done.

It is quite cold today.  It was thirty-eight degrees when I got up this morning and only warmed up a few degrees throughout the day even with the sun shining very brightly.

This morning dad said that the snow plow was going down his road!  The snow plow! In April!  I am so glad that I live in the Hudson Valley.

I had a delivery come from Amazon today.  I got my French-English Dictionary, my travel guide to Germany from Lonely Planet and my beginning French reader to help me with my French reading comprehension.  I have been doing a lot of stuff in French this week and I need to improve my ability to work in the language.

I ordered two 1.5TB hard drives today.  Three terabytes of storage.  That will help out a lot.  I am going to be using them to make backups of everything.  Hopefully they will arrive in time for me to put them to use this week before we leave for the long weekend.

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