April 8, 2009: New Drives Arrive

This morning started off very cold.  In fact, at one point this morning, I actually saw it snow for a few minutes!  I was rather surprised.

Amazon delivered my new books today so that I can start learning how to read French.  I got a primary reader like children use to learn to read.  It seemed like a logical way to go.

Today kind of whizzed by.  Lots of work to be done.  The drives for the server arrived today.  Two 1.5TB drives.

I worked all day and then we took it easy this evening and just relaxed, for the most part, in the living room.  I worked on the server and got the drives installed.  I put in a few hours trying to get the server built as well but ran into a few problems so that is going to have to wait.

Tomorrow I am going into Manhattan for the day.  I have a few people that I need to meet.

Sorry for the short updates this week.  Been way too busy to keep up.

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