May 12, 2009: Dad’s Then Out to Frankfort

I was really exhausted when I got up this morning.  Ugh.  Dad, Dominica and Liesl went out to Geneseo to go to the Omega Grill for breakfast while Oreo and I stayed home.  I really wanted to go with them but there was just so much work to be done that there was no way that I was going to be able to take time off to go enjoy food.  It was rather late by the time that they went so they brought me back an early lunch when they returned.  One of my favourite Omega meals – the Swiss pattie melt using a veggie burger and dipping it into Thousand Island dressing.  I skipped the fries and just got cottage cheese as we have been eating horribly this past week.

Nothing much to tell about today.  It was a very busy day and I did not really get a chance to visit with anyone.  At least dad got another day seeing Liesl.

Dominica did most of the packing early today so that the SUV was all loaded up and ready to go.  We have another bin of stuff to take back with us to Peekskill.  This time we got the bulk of the Bible collection and another large number of DVDs and some miscellaneous travel and children’s books (older children’s books like The Sugar Creek Gang.)  Each bin that leaves dad’s house is quite a bit of storage that appears for him in his garage.

It was around eight this evening that we managed to finally get onto the road after my work was done for the day (or at least for this part of the day.)  Then we were off and out to Geneseo to pick up Tim Horton’s for the road.  We both got coffee, sandwiches and a donut.  We figured that it would make sense to eat early and not have to stop again while we were driving.

We were in Syracuse at nine thirty and in Frankfort just after eleven.  We listened to a bit of “Liberty” in the car while we were driving.

Once we were out to Frankfort I got logged back into work and got back to the grind.  Everyone was already asleep when we arrived.  We decided that it would be better if we slept in the living room instead of in Dominica’s old bedroom upstairs because being on the ground floor would keep me from worry about Oreo getting up and wandering about during the night.

I ended up not getting a chance to go to sleep until around two in the morning or a little later.

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