May 13, 2009: OCC PAD Meeting ’07

I ended up being wide awake at six thirty this morning as there was much going on in the house so I decided that rather than laying in bed and not getting sleep I might as well get up and get to work so that at the very least I would get some of the work out of the way.  I have to cut out of the office early today at four thirty in order to make it out to Syracuse to go to the Onondaga Community College Professional Advisory Board meeting.  It is for that meeting that we have been out here all this week.

So I got to work and put in a long day.  Dominica and Joe went out to visit their mom at work with Liesl today so that Liesl could meet people at the office.  So I was left alone to work.

I left Frankfort at four thirty but it took longer to get out to Onondaga Community College than I had anticipated so it was just about six by the time that I arrived.  This year the meeting is being held at a different location than where I have been previously so I was not sure where to go.  Luckily Tim was making a sweep through the student center while I was looking for the meeting and was able to guide me straight there and I wasn’t actually late at all.  Perfect timing, really.

The meeting lasted until quite late.  After the meeting Tim and I talked for a while and did not end up leaving campus until around ten.  That made it after eleven when I got to Frankfort to pick up Dominica, Liesl and Oreo to begin our long drive back to Peekskill.  Talk about being tired.

We decided to grab a super late dinner on the road.  I had had a very light meal at six at OCC but that was not enough to hold me for a four hour drive through the middle of the night.  So we stopped off at the McDonald’s at the Mohawk Service Center just west of Albany on i90.

This was our second stop at this particular McDonald’s this week and I have to say that the food and service at this McDonald’s really stands out as being far superior to the norm.  We are very pleased with them and will likely make an effort to stop there in the future.

It was really late by the time that we got home to Peekskill.  It was between three and four in the morning when I was finally able to slip off to sleep.  While getting ready for bed I was so tired that I spilled a 32oz. glass of water onto the bed so we had to change all of the bedding before going to bed. 🙁

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