May 27, 2009: Liesl is Six Months Old Today

Liesl turns one half of a year old today.  Boy is that ever hard to believe.  She is growing up so quickly.

This morning I got up on the early side.  Liesl is always up before us so I grabbed her and took her down to the basement so that we could hang out.  She hung out with me while I swapped over to my new desktop as my main machine and got it joined up to the Active Directory domain and really working.  She had a good time with me for about an hour or maybe an hour and a half before work started getting busy and I had to go wake up Dominica so that she could watch Liesl and I could work.

No sunlight today.  Dark and overcast all day.  Good for productivity.  We got a little rain but very little.  Mostly just overcast.  Nice and cool outside.  The way that May is supposed to be.

We got our first word from the Ralstons in the Congo this morning at six.  It took twelve hours from the time that their flight was expected to land in Brazzaville before they had an opporuntity to get word out to anyone to let us know that they had arrived and that they were safe.  They had some scares in customs in the Congo but, in the end, managed to get in with all seventeen pieces of their luggage.  Very little news from them today, other than that, just a few sentences but we should hear more soon.

Recently Andy has started getting into photography and today he decided to go out and buy himself a rockin’ Nikon D60 SLR so that he could start doing “real” photography where he has control of his shutter speed, aperture, zoom, focus, sensitivity, etc.  He is going to really love that camera.  Nikon SLRs are just awesome.  You can check out Andy’s photo feed on Flickr.

Dominica was busy working on her class this evening so instead of cooking dinner we ordered in Italian.  Once she was done working on her classes we watched My Name is Bruce which was a pretty horrible B movie with Bruce Campbell playing himself as a washed up actor who gets stuck in a “real life” horror film just like the ones that he makes.  Overall the movie was pretty awful.  Bruce Campbell is always entertaining but this was truly a bad movie.  A B movie about B movies.  Eeek.

After the movie I was on the phone for about two hours and then had to stay up late doing a ton of work that I was not able to get done because I had taken the evening off.  I had a lot to do and I ended up working until three thirty in the morning!  What a long night.  Long but very productive.  I felt good about all of the work that I managed to complete and tomorrow will be much nicer knowing that a very large amount of stuff is not hanging over my head like it was today.

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