May 30, 2009: It’s BMW and Ice Cream Day

I got to sleep in for a bit this morning then it was right down to the basement so that I could get to work.  Dominica and Liesl were up before me today and were already down in the living room when I came downstairs.  Dexter had sneaked into our bedroom early this morning and disrupted Oreo early on.  Dexter is a sneaky dog.

Work went fairly well this morning.  I got started a little late but needed to sleep in some to be able to get any sleep as Liesl had a really rough night. Dominica barely got any sleep at all.

While I was working this morning everyone took a trip out to the grocery store to restock the pantry here as the cupboards are pretty much bare.

I was able to wrap up all of my work by around two this afternoon.  I called over to Orange County BMW and set up a test drive for Joe around three and we packed up Liesl and we all bundled into the X3 and drove across the river.  It takes about half an hour to get over to Harriman where the car dealer is located.

It’s great being an existing BMW customer (and not on our first BMW either) because they know that we know the cars and know what we are doing.  Joe’s dream car is the BMW 135i but he has been thinking that as those are pretty much not available in the used market yet that his only real option is to get the 335i which is larger but with the same engine.  He was set on not even trying a 128 or a 135 because he would not be able to afford one due to the limited availability but we talking him into getting into one and giving it a try.  It turned out to be a real blessing as he really does not fit into the 135 and would not be able to use it as a regular driving car comfortably.  So that really changed his outlook on car buying and the 335 is now, most likely the ideal car for him and not just the car that he has to settle on at this time until he can get a 135.

Then we test drove a 2007 graphite with black interior 335i.  Joe drove and I rode along as I know the area and where to drive and Brit rode in the back.  What a great ride.  The 335 has the more powerful 3 liter engine than did Dominica’s 2004 330Cic and now is twin-turbocharged as well.  It is the same engine that we have in the X3 but the X3 does not have the turbochargers.

The drive in the 335i was awesome.  What an amazing vehicle.  That little sedan just roars to life and springs into motion.  Joe and Brit were both seriously impressed.  That car was very hot and very fun to drive.  It turned out to be a lot more affordable than Joe had been thinking that it would be as well which was very positive.  He is not ready to buy yet but is definitely considering the 335i very stongly.

After the test drive we went over to the Woodbury Common Outlet Mall.  The purpose of the trip was to get new clothes for Liesl from the Carter’s outlet there.  Our first stop was the Victorinox store for Joe to look at watches.  Then we hit Williams-Sonoma where we discovered some very cool Cuisinart ice cream makers on sale.  So Dominica and I ended up getting both a hard ice cream maker and a soft ice cream maker.  These are real ice cream machines and not the kind the use mixes.  We are very excited.  Joe really wanted one so we bought him a hard ice cream maker as well as part of his graduation present – so he is not allowed to play with it until after his graduation party.

There was more shopping at a number of places including Carter’s where Dominica was only able to find a limited amount of stuff that would fit Liesl.  At six month’s old she is already unable to fit into much of anything that they had that we wanted.  They don’t even have footy pajamas for babies of her size!  How crazy is that?

After shopping we drove to Cosimo’s as has become our BMW shopping tradition.  We got the amazing Gorgonzola topped waffle fries with rosemary stems.  So good!  Then everyone got pizza except me who got whole wheat penne and vodka sauce.  Our plan was to skip dessert and go home and make homemade ice cream.

On the drive back to Peekskill Joe and Dominica were reading the ice cream recipes and instructions and discovered that it takes twelve to twenty-two hours to prep the ice cream bowls that have to be really, really frozen in order to make the ice cream correctly.  So no ice cream for us tonight.  So we made the snap decision to stop by Cold Stone Creamery on the way back to the house.  I finally got something other than the marshmallow ice cream.  Tonight I tried the butterscotch Jello pudding ice cream which was really amazing.

No major plans this evening.  Pretty much we just relaxed and spent time with Liesl and the dogs.  Liesl was a party girl and didn’t go to bed until after ten!  Hopefully that means that she will really sleep tonight.

My tailbone is really bothering me tonight.  It has been bad for several days but tonight it is dramatically worse than it has been.  I irritated it a bit by driving as much as I did and through several other activities that we had throughout the day like sitting on a park bench at the Woodbury Commons.  The worst was when I sat on the stairs to put on my shoes so that I could take Oreo out for a walk.  That was extremely painful and after that it was constantly burning and very uncomfortable.  That worries me that maybe more serious damage was done.

I called Francesca to talk about my tailbone since she has some experience with having her’s broken – thanks to Dominica.  Francesca thinks that my pain is definitely from my tailbone but that it is very unlikely to be broken and much more likely to just be badly bruised and inflamed.  So I need to be careful and really watch what I do.

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