May 29, 2009: Broken Tailbone?

I got up at six thirty this morning so that I would have time to get prepared for everything that we have going on today.  It is going to be a very busy day.

Quick Tech Announcement: KOffice 2.0 has released and is completely compatible with OpenOffice.  KOffice has always been an awesome product and I am very much looking forward to seeing what they have done in their latest release.  Now that they are using the ODF standard and are available natively on many platforms including Mac OSX and Windows they provide a very serious alternative to OpenOffice and MS Office.

My morning was very productive.  I do manage to get a lot done when I get up early.  I got caught up on a lot of work and had time to look through the notes for today’s export panel webinar.  This is my first time participating online on an experts panel so I want to be prepared.  It should be fun though.  I am looking forward to it and I have a friend of mine from SpiceCorp NY on the panel with me as well.

I worked all morning and then, at eleven, it was time for my panel discussion.  Of course I took Oreo out and made sure that he was all set before the webinar began but, the instant that eleven rolled around, Dominica went and took a shower and Oreo came running into the basement with an emergency.  So I took Oreo out while running up the street in my slippers as I didn’t have time to even consider putting shoes on.  Had I been barefoot that would just have been how it was.

I was extremely fast and back before anyone even began to notice that I was gone.  The webinar went okay.  It ended up being all text-based.  I had thought that I would be dialing in and doing the event over the phone.  The chat format did not work out very well because we were not able to get feedback from the audience and it took people so long to type that it was hard to figure out when people were responding or not.  I think that I did alright.  It is really hard to tell without any direct feedback.

Since I did the webinar I had to work through any lunch break that I would have had.  I ended up being on the phone for the next four hours!  What a long day.  Lots of good work completed.  Can’t really complain.  Things are shaping up for me to actually have some free time this weekend, possibly.

Joe and Brit arrived with a surprise guest, Dexter, around four this afternoon.  We were not expecting Dexter to be here as well.  What a nice surprise.  Dominica and Joe’s parents are in Waverly, New York all weekend and Dexter needed somewhere to go so this was the least stressful option for him.  He really hates traveling but likes coming to see us and to get time with his nephew Oreo.

Dexter’s first job was to go down to the basement and poop on the floor.  He is delivering payback for all of Oreo’s peeing incidents at Dexter’s house.  Boy was that ever stinky!  It was so pungent that even though it happened in the basement, which does not have any windows that face the front or sides of the house, you could smell it in the front yard shortly after it happened!  Ewww.

My work actually wrapped up at a really reasonable time tonight.  It was great.  At six thirty we were actually able to go out for dinner.  We had thought that we were going to have to order in and eat at the house.  Instead we went to New City Diner and get a really nice dinner there.  Then we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream on the way back to the house.

We also stopped at Panera Bread to pick up bagels for tomorrow morning.  We were really happy with how well that had gone when the Ralstons were here last weekend so were really excited to be able to do it again this weekend.  It is a very convenient way to have breakfast ready without it being very much work.

We got back to the house and were able to pretty much just relax and visit all evening.  Dominica had meant to have Run Fatboy, Run from Netflix but accidentally had Hotel for Dogs delivered due to some queue mismanagement so instead we watched Don’t Mess with the Zohan via Netflix On Demand which Joe and Brit have not seen before.

I spent the evening laying on the floor because I appear to have either horribly bruised or possibly broken my tail bone.  I am not sure what I did.  I think that I just stressed it by sitting on it poorly for a really long time the other day in my office chair.  I am not sure but it is really bothering me and it is starting to become a problem.  It has only been for about three days so far but is not getting better.  In fact it may be getting worse.  I really need to start paying attention to it to make sure that I do not hurt it further.  It seems pretty likely that I have simply bruised and/or irritated it enough to cause inflamation of the coccyx or the region.  But what a pain in the…

We did a pretty good job of getting off to bed tonight.  I actually went to bed before movie was over because I was exhausted.  It was not long before Dominica came up to join Oreo, Liesl and I.  Tomorrow morning I have to get up and work for a few hours for the office and then the plan is to go our to Orange County BMW so that Joe and Brit can test drive a 2007 BMW 335i.  Dominica called our BMW rep today and left a message that we want to drive one tomorrow.  That should be fun.  Joe really, really wants to get a BMW.

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