May 5, 2009: Spending the Day with Liesl

After getting the ball rolling on getting real work done again yesterday I was able to continue today.  It feels really good to be able to get stuff done.  I have been really stressing out recently just running around in circles without being able to get any work done which, obviously, causes me to just fall farther and farther behind even though I am working constantly.  Very frustrating.

Tomorrow I have the inaguaral meeting of SpiceCorp NY out in Morristown, New Jersey.  That will be a nice break being at the grind around the clock.

Today I was finally able to take a bit of time to spend with Liesl.  We have been getting limited time together for the past week and it was awesome to really get to hang out a lot today.  She is really growing up.  She is sitting up on her own all of the time now.  She has been doing this for a while, but now she is doing for longer and longer periods of time and is very visibly getting stronger and stronger.

Liesl and I were both very happy today because we got a chance to play and visit so much.  I see her every day, but today we got a great deal of quality time together and a bit of it during the day rather than in the late evening which is much better.

Lots of daddy / Liesl bonding today and a good deal of work was completed as well.  I am definitely starting to feel better.

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