May 6, 2009: SpiceCorp NY Begins Today

I got up early this morning and got to work a bit before I usually do.  Today is going to be a very busy day.

I worked all morning trying hard to get ahead so that I would have some flexibility this afternoon.  It was a hectic morning.  Not bad, just busy.

We did a quick lunch at the house while I kept working.  Then Dominica and Liesl ran to OfficeMax to pick up name tags and Sharpies for the SpiceCorp meeting tonight.

Once they got back from OfficeMax we ran out to take Liesl to her doctor’s appointment.  We ended up with a late 1:00pm appointment today which was far later than I had planned.  I hadn’t realized how late we were going to be today.

The doctor’s appointment went really well.  Her height and weight are right on target.  Her doctor says that she is doing well in the “baby Olympics.”  She was months ahead when she started turning over both directions before two months old.  Then when he learned that she also was sitting up on her own around four months he was extremely impressed and said that she is way ahead on her development track.  Dominica had told him that Liesl was sitting up for one minute at a time but later today she was sitting up for more than five minutes at a time.  So Liesl is even farther ahead than her doctor had thought.

After the appointment we ran home, dropped everyone off and then I headed straight out to get to Warren as quickly as possible.  I had been scheduled to be out at Warren for most of the day but nothing went as planned.  The traffic on the way out to Warren was really bad and it took forever to get there.  It was almost four when I arrived at the office.  Kind of a pointless exercise really.  A lot of people that I had gone to see were already gone for the day.

I worked at the office until six thirty and then drove up to Morristown to make the SpiceCorp meeting.  The drive went fine but upon arriving in Morristown I discovered that there was an ambulance convention or a parade or something and there was no way to get anywhere in town.  It took as long to get around Morristown as it took to get from Warren to Morristown.  What a pain.  I hate doing things in Morristown.  That is the worst planned town ever.


I got to Grasshopper off the Green at seven.  Got in and got set up.  We ended up having thirteen people show up for the very first New York regional SpiceCorp meet up.  It was a really good group.  We had been hoping to have had more people but it was still a very good number and a great group of people.

The venue was not exactly ideal.  It was loud and the staff apparently didn’t understand why we were there because they set us up for dinner rather than a meeting at the bar and gave us a bit of a hard time about not having enough people show up.  The waiter, at the end of the night, tried really hard to scam us into a 36% tip.  He used the automatic tip of 18% and then tried to secretly apply it to the bill twice.  Then he argued with three of us about how by using a credit card there was this “magic” additional 18% that showed up on the card that didn’t show up on our bill.  What a joke.  I can’t believe that he thought that he would get away with that.

The meeting went until around midnight then the last of us headed for home. I am very pleased with how the meeting went and am really looking forward to the group getting together again.  We all seemed to have a good time and it seemed to be productive.

The drive home was really crappy.  Heavy rain and sporatic fog on the drive home.  Took almost two hours.  Not a happy drive.

Dominica was still up when I got home a little before two.  We went straight to bed.

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