June 1, 2009: New Pantry… Sort Of

I got a much better night’s sleep last night although I am pretty sure that I have a mild sinus infection.  Everything tastes funny for one thing.  I don’t feel sick so it cannot be very bad.

Today I learned about Google’s rather interesting new Wave technology that they are positing will potentially replace email, forums, microblogging and other communications tools.  Hype?  Maybe, watch the video and judge for yourself.  Definitely a simple yet powerful concept.  Can anyone say Chandler?  Or am I the only person who has seen this tried before?

Dominica and I spent the morning working on her degree planning for Empire State College.  It turns out, much to Dominica’s delight, that her Associates Degree is actually completed, more or less.  She was thinking that she had a lot of work left to do for it and in reality she has no additional classes that she needs to take and only needs to complete the very last bit of the class she is currently taking from the University of Illinois and then complete the CompTIA Security+ certificate and, if our calculations are correct, she will be done.

We worked out most of the details for her second bachelor’s degree as well and that is better than she had expected.  She has not made a long term decision about the bachelor’s program but at least she has most of a degree plan made for it now and can make decisions based on a solid concept of what the workload and time frame would be to complete it.

Our new, free-standing pantry arrived today.  The shipping box that the company used was not up to the task of protecting the pantry in shipment and almost all of the pieces of the unit were ruined by the time that they arrived at our house.  So Dominica had to get on the phone to get replacement pieces sent out because there were so many damaged pieces that the online RMA process couldn’t handle the workorder!

Now instead of having an awesome new pantry in which to store all of the mess that has spread all over the kitchen we have a bunch of parts to a pantry taking up even more of our valuable space in the dining room.  So while we thought that we would be improving on the mess we have made it worse.  And the replacement parts are not expected for one to two weeks.  So this is going to be an ongoing mess for a while.

This weekend we are going to be traveling.  We were not sure about our schedules before so we were unable to make any commitments.  Now we know that we are going to be going to Frankfort for Sam Bono III’s baptism on Sunday.  So our plan is that on Thursday after work we are going to drive to Scranton where we will pick up the last remaining equipment there, then drive to Binghamton and see John really quickly and drop off some stuff for him then drive on to dad’s house – where we might just make it in time to see him on his birthday.

I will be working from dad’s house on Friday and Saturday.  Then Saturday afternoon we will drive out to Frankfort and spend the night there.  I have to work Sunday so will work in the morning and then go to the baptism and return and work for a while.  Then when work is over we will drive back down to Peekskill.  It is a lot of driving this weekend but at least it is a “long” weekend of being out of town doing something different.

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