June 2, 2009: Learning About LogMeIn

Wow am I ever behind on SGL this week.  It is a rather busy week and I am just having a terrible time keeping up with everything.  It’s not a horrible week.  I am getting sleep for the most part.

It’s Tuesday and this week has been full of work.  Good work.  I’m very happy about all of the work that we have this week.  Work means stability so no complaints.

This afternoon Dominica took Liesl and they went out to hit the post office to do some mailings and then went dress shopping.  We have a lot of “dress up” type events coming up in the very near future so the both need some new outfits, I guess.

I’ve been on the phone for a significant portion of this week.  One cool thing that I got to do today was a half-hour demo of LogMeIn’s IT Reach product which is very cool.  I am quite impressed with their product and its features.  Looking to use that in a few places.  I am already using LogMeIn’s Free service quite a bit and have been learning more about what I can do with it and what all it can do.  Very cool company.

Short posts all week this week.  Sorry, just nothing that interesting to report and I am far too far behind to provide much else 🙁

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