June 11, 2009: We Have Our Pantry

We made it to bed at a reasonable time yesterday and today I was up nice and early and ready for work.  I have been working really hard to shift my sleep schedule forward so that I am going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.  Liesl’s schedule is not going to change easily and I want to spend more time awake when she is awake rather than being awake when she is asleep.  She sleeps a lot more than I do so it seems pretty foolish to be awake when she is sleeping if I can help it at all.

Today was a good day.  The weather has been great for days.  Tons of rain.  I just love it.

Our new BMW credit cards came today.  Now every dollar we spend helps us to save up towards a new car!  Very cool.

This morning, quite early, the final replacement parts for our new pantry arrived.  This is very exciting and you would understand if you saw our kitchen.  We have no place to put anything.  “Stuff” is spilling out all over the upstairs and we are desperate for more cupboard space.  So this is a rather large pantry that we purchased.  It is six feet tall and is going to go in the corner of the kitchen opposite the sink.  It will probably add fifty percent to our total cupboard capacity in the kitchen.

Dominica spent the day putting the pantry together.  We now have a very large pile of pantry pieces that were damaged in the original shipment that we need to store.  They are perfectly useful pieces… for something.  Who knows what, though.  Now we will store these boards for years wondering how we can use them.  Maybe, somehow, we can use them with our model railroad but I am not sure how yet.

Once the pantry was together in the late afternoon Dominica set about completely reorganizing the kitchen.  Everything got moved around.  The upstairs is already looking much improved after the reorg.  The kitchen has so much less stuff just sitting around now.

This evening, after work, Dominica, Liesl, Oreo and I drove out to the UPS Drop Off location at Staples on Crompond to drop off the HP Proliant DL185 G5 that has been sitting in the dining room for weeks.  This is the first server that was delivered and misconfigured.  I had been waiting to return it until the second unit had checked out.  Now it is time to get it out of the house because it is taking up space.  So I printed out the shipping label and we got it boxed up and dropped it off.

I was really in the mood to eat at the diner so we went to New City Diner and got dinner there.  That worked out really well because we were already out and about at just the right time and Dominica had been busy reorganizing the kitchen so nothing was where we thought that it might be and no dinner preparation bad been made.  It was nice to get out of hte house, just the family, for a change.  It has been a really long time since we went out to a restaurant just us.

Made it to bed early again tonight.  I am starting to make this into a habit.

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