June 12, 2009: Light But Long Day

It is Friday and the day really took me by surprise.  It was after noon when I even realized that it was a Friday!

Today turned out to be one of the slowest Fridays that I can remember.  It was great.  I spent a lot of the day on the phone.  Around noon I got the chance to start actually working on the Proliant DL185 G5 that arrived late last week.  I was discouraged, after many hours or working, to discover that the drives that I had available for it – four 250GB SATA drives – were unreliable.  We had had issues with them years earlier but I had been hopeful that the issue was not actually the drives but possibly something else.  It does not appear to be the case.  The first drive failed in minutes 🙁

I also had, I thought, two 80GB SATA drives that I would be able to use in this machine but I was only able to find one of them.  I can only imagine that the other one got used somewhere and has since disappeared.  I can’t imagine where it would have been used, though.  Very strange to have a drive physically disappear.

So I ordered two, new Seagate 1.5TB SATA drives.  At least now I will definitely have brand new drives.  Still quite a pain, though, when I thought that I had several drives ready to go.  I will now need to wait an entire week, or more, most likely before the new drives will arrive.  I was really hoping to have been working on this machine all day today and all through the weekend.  That would have been a far more useful use of my time.

At least I was able to check out the hardware today and make sure that everything was what it was supposed to be and that the DL185 G5 truly does support AMD SVM virtualization technology.

Dominica took Liesl and Oreo out to the pet store this afternoon to deal with Oreo’s toenails.  We can’t really handle cutting them ourselves so we have the professionals do it.  It is just far easier this way.

As I said, work was light today but it did end up running really, really late.  I had a team that needed me all evening.  I ended up working until eleven thirty at night!  What a long day.  Tomorrow I have to get up and work again in the morning.  I have a huge amount of Linux patches to apply tomorrow and there is not going to be enough hours in the day.  Two massively long days back to back.  I am thinking about taking a day off next week.  I really need it and I definitely put in the hours for it today and I expect will be in enough to justify another day off after tomorrow!

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