June 16, 2009: Finally a Video Game Day

Liesl seems to be back to her old self today.  Her tooth is in and she likes to play with it with her tongue.  If you try to look at them she hides them.  She is very funny.

Today was quite busy again.  And the rain has returned after having just a single day off.

Dominica and I decided to go out and get some lunch today.  So we went out to Pastel’s and got omelets.  They were yummy.  Liesl sat in a high chair at the table beside me and clearly had a look about her like she felt that she was being a big girl and was very proud to be sitting at the table instead of sitting in her car seat.  She was very happy all through the meal and was very engaging with everyone who passed by.

After lunch we ran out to Yorktown Heights to hit Clemente Cleaners to drop off our dry cleaning and to talk to their tailor about my newest suit.  The sleeves on my suit are far too long.  The tailor thinks that she can have my suit fixed by Friday which is important because I need it for the wedding this weekend.  I am having the sleeves fixed, a button moved and buttons added to my suit pants so that I can use suspenders instead of a belt.  Nothing from Casual XL Male has suspenders buttons in it which is really frustrating that a shop dedicated to larger sized men doesn’t accommodate the most obvious things that they would need.

Back to work once the errands were done.  Oreo and I stayed home while Dominica and Liesl went back to head to the post office, Kohl’s and some other shopping.  She had a bit of shopping that she had wanted to do so that worked out well.

The new drives for the Proliant DL185 G5 arrived today and I had a chance to finally get that server built and tested out.  I had thought that those drives would not be arriving until the end of the week and that I might not have enough time to get the server put together before we had to leave for the weekend so this was a real blessing.

I had a lot of work to do today and ended up working solidly until eleven thirty at night.  Normally I like to be in bed by ten thirty but there was just far too much to do.  I have been really wanting to play a video game for days and have not had the chance at all.  So tonight I decided that I was just going to do it anyway.  So at eleven thirty I popped in Oblivion on the PS3 and started playing.

Dominica stayed up with me and read a book on her Amazon Kindle while I played Oblivion.  I had a really good time.  I really missed having this downtime.  I played for four hours!

When I started playing I found that my last saved game was from February 4th!!  Four and a half months since I have been able to play anything at all.  Crazy.

In my four hours I managed to complete one entire new quest that was triggered right as I started playing (Lifting the Vale) which was pretty fun and I also completed one quest that had begun just before I had last saved the game (Spies).  I also raised my character from level five to level seven.  It was very good progress for one night of gaming.  Too bad I won’t get a chance to play again for a really long time.

It was three thirty in the morning when we finally headed up to bed.  Ramona is coming down to visit us tomorrow sometime in the morning.  She is expecting to arrive around noon or so.

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