June 15, 2009: Liesl Settles Into Her Second Tooth

We were right as to why Liesl was so unhappy yesterday.  Today we could see her second tooth had come in.  She now has both of her front, bottom teeth.  She is growing up so fast.

Liesl still wanted a lot of attention today but was a lot more like herself than yesterday.  It was, more or less, a normal day.  Yesterday was just madness.  Liesl was so unhappy we just didn’t know what to do.

Today we could really see Liesl’s second tooth.  It was more than theory now but very obviously a second tooth was not there in her bottom gum.

It was a heavy work day today.  I had to catch up on a bit from yesterday.  Had been hoping that I would get to play a video game today.  I’ve been wanting to take some time to play a game for the last few days and really thought that I would get to do so today but it turned out not to be the case.  I worked until it was quite late and it was time to go to bed, more or less.

I watched some television with Dominica and Liesl.  Liesl wanted to hang out with me quite a bit and eventually fell asleep between my lets on the recliner while Oreo snuggled next to me.  Not great for productivity but awfully cuddly!  This is what being a dad is all about.  Everyone snuggled on the recliner.

The rain came pouring down tonight.  It caught us off guard and our bedroom got soaked.  The bed was all wet as was the floor.  I had to use the Bissell wet vac to clean everything up.

Dominica baked fresh banana bread this evening.  This time she remembered the sugar which she forgot last time.  Much better this way.

We watched The Gilmore Girls and then Hotel for Dogs and headed to bed shortly after Liesl fell asleep.  Luckily she slept pretty well today so much be getting better now.  Yesterday was really tough.

Hotel for Dogs was pretty cute.  Definitely a kid’s movie.  The little puppy Boston Terrier, Georgia, in it was adorable!  But the movie was sad too because it dealt with abandoned animals and animals being destroyed.  Very sad.  Lots of very cute doggies, though.

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