June 20, 2009: Stephanie and Josh’s Wedding

I was up just after seven thirty this morning so that I could get down to the dining room and get logged in so that I could work.  Not a super busy day today which is really good since we have the wedding this afternoon.

Work went really well and I was done by early afternoon with plenty of time to be able to get ready for and head out to the wedding.  The morning deployments were really simple and that just left the normal Linux server patching that I do every Saturday morning for the last six months.

For lunch I walked over to Big Willy’s and grabbed a large cheese pie for Dominica, Francesca and I.  I love their pizzas.  I always try to get some ‘za when I am in town.

It was, as always, a bit of a panic to get out the door in time to make it down to the church for the wedding.  The wedding was at three at the Methodist church in Frankfort on the east side of town right on Main Street.  It is a church that Dominica and I have attended previously many years ago.  Very convenient to get to from her parents’ house.

The server was very nice and rather short which was perfect as it was quite warm.  The weather was not all that warm, lower to mid seventies, but it was a light rain and it was one hundred percent humidity so the ambient warmth combined with all of the people in the church made it quite warm.  They had the doors open and the fans running so it wasn’t too bad and the fresh air was nice.  Liesl did really well and barely made a peep for the entire service.

We were headed back to the house around three thirty.  The rain picked up a little which worked out well to cool everyone down.

Francesca and I made a quick soda run as the supplies were getting low at the house.  Then we had almost two hours to kill between the wedding and the reception which is in Utica.  So we just hung out at the house and had some snacks.

We got to the wedding reception at six thirty for the cocktail hour.  We were later than we had hoped.  The reception was at the Valley View Golfcourse and Country Club in Utica.  We had a good time and did a bit of dancing.  This was Liesl’s first wedding and reception.  She did really well.  She is quite the party animal.  She just keeps going and going.

Tonight was really special because Liesl and I had our first father-daughter dance.  The played Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle and asked the fathers and daughters to go out and dance.  So I took Liesl out and we danced.  It was so sweet.  Dominica did her best to take pictures but could not stay for long without crying.  This will be a memory that I definitely keep forever.

We left the wedding at around ten thirty.  Liesl was finally getting tired and we did not want to keep her up later than she wanted to stay awake.  It was way past her bedtime anyway.

We got back to the house and were all asleep pretty much by eleven thirty.  Emily stayed late with her grandparents and didn’t get back until almost midnight.  The rest of us were way too tired to party that long.

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