June 21, 2009: My First Father’s Day

Today is my very first Father’s Day!  How cool is that?  For Father’s Day Liesl (and Dominica) are getting me a new 35mm lens for my Nikon SLR camera (D50) as well as a 52mm Tiffen UV filter for it.  I can’t get them until we get back to Peekskill, though, so it will be more than a week until I get them.  I am looking forward to have a “normal” lens for my SLR.  Once I try it out I am expecting that the 35mm lens will be the only lens that I take with me to Germany in Septemeber.  I’m going to be traveling really light on that trip so taking multiple lenses is really not an option even though it would be a great time to have some serious camera gear.

I got up at a little before eight this morning.  Liesl was awake and wanted to hang out with her daddy.  So we went downstairs together and hung out for Father’s Day and let Dominica sleep.  Francesca was awake watching MTV so she watching Liesl for a little bit when I started working.

Work was nice and slow today giving me a chance to get caught up on SGL.  It was quite a busy day on SpiceWorks so that worked out pretty well.  I did a lot of posting today.

Breakfast today was donuts from the Friendly Bake Shop in Frankfort as it always is on Sundays.  They have the best vanilla fingers ever.

Today I managed to update SLG and Laborers for the Harvest to WordPress 2.8 “Baker”.  That went really smoothly.

Liesl was very tired today.  She spent much of the day just bouncing from person to person.  The last few days have really been wearing her out and she ended up napping a lot more than usual today.

Today Liesl did her first really successful eating of solid food!  Francesca helped Dominica work on convincing Liesl to try actually eating solids.  Liesl was definitely not very interested but she humoured them anyway.

We did cake and ice cream this afternoon for the Father’s Day party.  The family got Dominica’s dad a fourth generation iPod Nano for Father’s Day because it will allow him to read Audible books without losing his place when the batteries die.  You still have to manually have it save your place in the book but at least it can be done.

In the late afternoon I went out for a walk.  I’ve been dying to get in a nice walk and I have my iPod all loaded up with great stuff to “read” so I took advantage of the time after work was over at around six thirty or seven in the evening.  I did a couple miles around the village going out past the school on Reese Road out to Litchfield and around the back side of town out in the country past the highway and back to Main Street and then all the way back down Main Street to get ice cream at the Knight Spot and then back the other way up Main past Railroad and then back to the house.  I Google Mapped the trip leaving out a few bits that are hard to put on the map and it came to around 4.4 miles.  It was probably 4.5 with the extra bits that I couldn’t map.  Check out my walking route.

While walking I listened to Edward Hermann (my favourite narrator) reading David McCullough’s “The Great Bridge” from Audible.  It is the history of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge that spans the East River connecting Manhattan (at the time called “New York City” to Brooklyn which, at the time, was a separate city.)  I love reading books by David McCullough.  He is definitely one of my favourite authors.  It is especially cool to read this particular history now that I live in the New York Metro area and have had an office right at the Brooklyn Bridge.

I got back to the house and pretty much everyone was winding down for the evening.  I fed Liesl her evening bottle and to my amazement she suddenly pulled it out of my hands and fed it to herself!  She has never held her bottle for herself previously, to the best of my knowledge, and this came as a bit of a shock for her to not only hold it but to take it from me so that she could do so.  Apparently Francesca and Dominica had been working with her to show her how to hold her bottle earlier today using some additional grips that can be attached to her bottle.  She did not have those grips tonight and she was still really, really good at holding her bottle.  One day and that was all that it took.  She is growing up fast.  She turns seven months old in less than a week!

Heading off to bed shortly after eleven tonight.  It remains very, very warm here.  The weather has not been hot but completely humid and the house is much warmer than it is outside.  Probably in the high seventies.  I’ve been sweating inside even wearing shorts and a thin shirt.  We have a massive fan in our bedroom upstairs which helps a lot though.  So that has not been too bad.

Tomorrow, and all week, it is work as usual.

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