June 25, 2009: Liesl in the Rain

I was pretty tired when I got up to do the early shift at six thirty this morning.  I do like the early morning productivity that I get doing this, though.  It is so much easier to keep up with everything all throughout the day.

Today is my last day with Liesl until Saturday evening 🙁  I had a lot of work to do today too so I did not have a lot of time to spend with her.  She did not nap today either and so was really upset much of the day.

Most of the day was really hot.  We’ve been having blown fuses in the house all week.  The main circuit in the house is overloaded because of the hot weather.  There are two air conditioners, the microwave, the computer, the main lights and the big upstairs fan all on a single circuit.  For some reason that one circuit is connected all over the house so that the biggest power-draw items in the kitchen, dining room, living room and upstairs bedroom are all connected together.  While the television and stereo in the living room, the other upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms are not on that circuit.  So the circuits are not in “regions” in the house but seem to be randomly assigned to individual outlets all over the house.  Because of that all of the major items in the house with the big motors, condensors or whatever are drawing from the same circuit.

During the day when everything is running the circuit breaker flips every several hours.  It seems to be around twice per day during the daytime when the kitchen air conditioner and the microwave are potentially in use although it often trips without any obvious trigger – most likely an air conditioner condensor kicking on from a thermostat.  There are several new appliances in the kitchen, any one or more of which may also be on this same circuit, which may have increased the regular draw on it causing the circuit to start flipping now really often compared to previously, but that is just a hypothesis.

I walked over to Big Willy’s to get myself some pizza before leaving this evening.  Probably my last chance to get their pizza for a month or so.  Hard to say.  I “stock up” when I am in town.

This morning the thunderstorms hit Toronto and were at dad’s place in Pavilion by early afternoon.  It was late afternoon when they came to Frankfort.  We were really thankful for the cooler air.  It was very much a relief.

When the rain finally came to Frankfort it was a nice, slow, warm rain.  Emily and I stood outside on the porch for a while holding Liesl watching the rain and distant lightning to the northwest.  It was nice to have some downtime to just spend enjoying time with Liesl in the rain.

When Emily went back inside Liesl and I went for a walk out in the rain.  This is her first time ever actually going out into the rain.  Dominica seems to think that water falling onto Liesl’s head isn’t good for her, but Liesl loved it.  It was a light and warm rain and the house has been so warm that she liked having the chance to cool off a little.  I carried her around and we looked at puddles and just enjoyed the nice weather.  I think that she is going to be a rain junky like her father and my father before me.

I worked in Frankfort until Liesl fell asleep which was around eight.  I didn’t want to leave while she was still awake as I won’t be seeing her at all tomorrow.  As soon as she went to bed I was out the door and on the road toward dad’s place.

The drive went fine.  No rain, no traffic.  I listened to a bit of “The Great Bridge” while I drove.  Great book.

I arrived at dad’s house around a quarter after eleven.  We stayed up talking until around two in the morning.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day since I need to be up at six thirty! Oreo was very excited to be at his grandpa’s house with carpeting.  He just rolled and rolled around on the floor.  Clearly he was really itchy and unable to do anything about it this whole week being on hardwood and being around so much grass.  His allergies are really acting up and we have run out of his allergy medication for the time being!  That will be a top priority upon returning to Peekskill.

Oreo and I slept down in the basement on the futon mattress on the floor.

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