June 24, 2009: Up Way Too Early

Oreo decided that he wanted to get up before five thirty this morning.  I got up with him and took him outside for a walk which is always smart as he normally only gets up early if there is an emergency.  Sometimes to scout out sunlight around the house but mostly just to go outside.

Since I was already up and about and downstairs I decided to just log in and get to work.  My “shift” starts at six thirty anyway so there was little point in trying to go back to bed after being completely awake and already in the dining room.  So Oreo staked out a prime spot beside me on the futon as he likes to do when I am working in the dining room and I got down to business.

It was a really productive day as I got started so early.  Really able to get a jump on things.

I discovered a small blister on my heal today.  Probably best not to do any more long walks until that goes away.  Don’t want it to be a problem.  Also probably time to switch to different shoes.  The grey New Balance tennis shoes that I am wearing are many years old and in horrible shape.  We actually bought another pair of shoes over a year ago while we were living in Newark to replace these but these kept on going so I just keep on using them day after day.  How they keep holding up I have no idea.  Pretty silly to have aging brand new shoes while wearing my old ones into the ground.

This evening everyone went out to West Schuyler to get ice cream at Dave’s Diner on motorcycle cruise night.  Dominica and Francesca took the kids and I drove Dominica’s parents and Joe.  The girls left a few minutes ahead of us.  We drove out of the parking lot and were just barely crossing the North Frankfort Bridge when I realized that the gas gauge was on empty.  Not close to empty – On empty.  So I hit the trip computer to ask it how many miles it was calculating were left before we ran completely out of gas and saw it go from two to one!!

It turns out that there is no gas station anywhere in the direction that we were headed so the only option was to turn around and return to town.  I immediately swung around to head back and the reacceleration process took us from one to zero on the gauge and before we were back across the North Frankfort Bridge and into town the gauge went from zero to “——” which seemed like a bad sign to me.

I drove as carefully as I could back trying to keep the speed as smooth as possible.  We went for the Sunoco station on main street.  Somehow we made it.  I am completely amazed that the car did not run out of gas completely leaving us to push it.  When I filled the tank I put in 16.92 gallons of gas.  Definitely a very low tank.

Dominica is always upset with me for allowing the tank to go below a quarter and having the light turn on and then having to look for gas stations in a “panic”.  But this is a new record for leaving the other driver with no gas.  Not even enough to make it to the nearest gas station without hitting “absolute zero”, if you will.  Dominica was all ready to call me an idiot when she found out about it until, she realized, that it was she and Francesca that had driven the car the last time and had taken it out shopping the other day.

So after filling up the tank we were able to head back over the bridge and out to get ice cream.

Nothing too much else to report today.  Lots of work.  Very long day.  Ended up working until around one in the morning.  SpiceWorks has been crazily busy this week.  I’ve never seen it like this before.  It started over the weekend and is continuing on into the week.  Really nuts.  The overall volume of traffic on the site must be double what it normally is.

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