June 5, 2009: Working from Dad’s

We didn’t really have anything planned for today.  We sort of sprung our trip home on dad at the last minute and today is just a normal work Friday and I do not have it off or anything so it’s just business as usual.  This is one of those days when I really appreciate having a complete workstation set up at dad’s house on my own desk so that it is that much easier to just sit down and work all day without really being in the way that much.

I got pretty little sleep last night and was up and at my desk by eight this morning.  Four hours of sleep maximum after a long day and a very long evening of driving.  Dad was up at six this morning so he had even less sleep.  Liesl got up with me and spent an entire hour sitting on my lap in the office watching me work and pounding on a keyboard of her own set up beside me.  Today was the first day that she began playing with a mouse as well.  She grabs it with both hands and moves it around her desk just like her daddy.  She is so adorable.  We have so much fun just hanging out together.

At nine Liesl decided that she needed more direct attention than I could give her while working so she went back down with Dominica where she napped for a while before they both got up.

Dad was out at a long breakfast until around ten thirty or so.  I did not get very much time to visit today as it is Friday and that is my busy day.  So dad and Dominica hung out for much of the day and played with Liesl.

Work was crazily busy today so I really did not get a chance to do much of anything.  For lunch dad ran out to Davis’ Pizza and picked up lunch for Dominica and I.  Our regular Davis’ Pizza that we get every time that we are home.

This evening my aunt Sharon and uncle Leo came over to see Liesl, but they were a little on the late side being able to come over and Liesl had decided to go to bed very, very early.  I think that it might have been as early as six when she decided that it was time for sleep.  Very unusual for our little party girl.  They stayed for a few hours but eventually gave up and are planning to return tomorrow.

Dinner was the Friday night fish fry from the Copa Lounge near home.  In all the years that I lived there I have never gotten food from there before.  It was only recently that I even learned that you could get food from there.  Now that I think about it it may easily be the closest restaurant to dad’s house if you don’t count the gas station in Greggsville and “the barn” and even then I am not sure.

We all turned in very early tonight.  We were all exhausted all day and were in desperate need of some serious sleep.  It was before eleven when we all got off to bed.  I have been sleeping in the television room downstairs with Oreo while Dominica and Liesl sleep in the guest bedroom.  It just makes it easier for us to really get some sleep.  Oreo does not like us being separated, though.

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