June 6, 2009: Is Scott Alan Miller Really One Person?

I slept in as late as I could this morning which was until eight when I needed to get to work again. It is Saturday today. I slept with both BlackBerrys right by my head on the basement floor (dad put down a futon mattress for Oreo and I) so it is easy to push the sleep right up to the very last possible minute as I am checking my emails from bed.

I got up and worked.  Today turned out being a very busy work day.  Extremely busy.  I was working at eight in the morning and ended up working until about four in the evening.  Rather a ridiculous amount of work, in fact.

Dad, Dominica and Liesl all went out to breakfast sometime between nine and ten.  I did not manage to really keep track of the time.  They went to the Omega in Geneseo and brought me back an egg and cheese on English muffin sandwich which was very good.  They also made a stop at Tim Horton’s where Dominica got us coffee and a half dozen donuts.

The hilarious thing that happened yesterday just before most people were calling it a day, someone posted the topic “Is Scott Alan Miller Multiple People” on the SpiceWorks forums.  This turned in to a really hilarious thread.  I really enjoyed discovering that I was a mysterious topic on the SpiceWorks world.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo came over to see Liesl this afternoon.  This time she was awake and they got some good, quality time with her.  That worked out well.

Around four, I think, I was able to wrap up work – much later than we had been expecting – and then we headed out onto the road to drive out to Frankfort.  The drive went well.  Pretty easy.  Going from Peoria to Frankfort is so short compared to our other drives that it really isn’t worth thinking about as a long drive.

It just occurred to me that the distance from Liesl to my father is almost exactly the same distance as from my father’s house out to my family in Ohio.  So, at the moment, Liesl is growing up the same distance from my family as I did at her age.  Liesl has family much closer, though, than I did when I was young with cousins her own age under two hours away and Dominica’s whole immediate family within three and a half hours except for the Grices in Texas.  Of course I didn’t have any cousins at all until I was seven whereas Liesl already has first and second cousins already with some just months from her in age.  It will be a very different world for her than it was for me.

We got to Frankfort just after seven.  I jumped in to take a quick shower and then we were all right out the door to go to the Kitlas in Utica for a late dinner.

After dinner we came back to the house where I worked for just a little while before we turned in to get some sleep.  We have been sleeping on the living room floor (on a futon mattress) recently at Dominica’s parents’ house because it is safer for Oreo since he is now blind and will get confused and hurt himself if he is sleeping on a real bed upstairs.  First he will have an accident trying to get off of the bed in the dark with furniture to jump into and then he will venture out and try to go down the stairs which he cannot navigate safely.  So he is at risk and then I don’t sleep because I get up with every twitch that he makes so that I can watch him.

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