June 7, 2009: Sam’s Baptism

We did our best to sleep in this morning.  It is just about the only chance that we are going to get this week.

I got up and got working this morning.  I have a big gap in my work day this afternoon so I need to make sure that everything is caught up this morning before we leave so that there are not any complications with taking time off for the baptism.

Work ended up going quite smoothly.  Sundays are generally very quiet but you just never know.

We were all set to get out the door to go to baby Sam’s baptism reception when Liesl decided that she needed to eat right away and there was no other option.  So we had to stop getting ready and instead feed Liesl so we were pretty late getting over to the country club for the reception.

We had a really good time at the party.  The food was awesome and we so seldom get to see everyone.  It is nice to get out to these events.  That and it is just nice to have a break from work for a little while in the middle of the afternoon and just relax.  It was also nice to get to see all of the new kids.  Liesl has several cousins and second cousins almost exactly the same age as her which is really great.  She will get to grow up with family her own age around.

We hung out at the party until around three thirty and then went back to the house and I got back to work.  Two more hours of work before I could call it a day.

Right as five thirty rolled around and it was time to go I manage to score seventy thousand points moving me to the level of Ghost on SpiceWorks’ forums which is the highest level ever achieved on there with only one person having done it before and the next level – quite a ways away yet – is a long way away yet.

Dominica had packed the car while I was working so when the work day was over we were able to just walk right out the door and get in the car and hit the road.  Dominica was very impressed that we were able to leave at the very first possible moment.

We stopped at the Mohawk Service Center and got McDonald’s as that is the best McDonald’s anywhere.  We don’t eat at any others now.  That one is so consistently good that our small allotment of McD’s food is best spent all at that one location.

It was not all that late by the time that we got back to Peekskill.  Around nine in the evening.  Liesl was able to get to bed at a normal time and our schedules are not all messed up from the trip.  We actually had time to relax and to get some stuff done after returning home which is very rare for us.

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