July 15, 2009: Dominica Sees Harry Potter 6

I am feeling much better now that I have had a couple of days to sleep in and do some catchup.  Nothing exciting happened today.  At least not during the day.  Work, of course.  Just the usual.  We didn’t go anywhere, do anything, receive any shipments, etc.  I was quite busy in the office most of the day and by the time that I finished up and was able to pop upstairs Dominica was already in a hurry to get out of the door to get to the movies with Katie.  I had forgotten that they were going to movies tonight – even though I had been the one arranging it during the day.

Dominica had bought the tickets online this morning for the eight thirty showing this evening out in Mohegan Lake at the plaza with the Best Buy, Walmart, Old Navy, etc.  It is the theatre that has the Cold Stone Creamery in the front of it where we often go.

I got a chance to talk to Danielle for about half an hour today.  The presidential elections in the Republic of the Congo are today and they are finally free to move about Impfondo again.  So she is back at the hospital with better Internet access and trying to catch up now.  A new update was posted as well.

Katie’s bus ended up being forty-five minutes late and Dominica had to leave without her to be able to make it to the movie.  Katie saw it last night so being a little late for her is not a big deal.  So Dominica left at eight to run over to the theatre and Katie stopped by the house about ten minutes later to pick up her ticket and get directions on how to get over there.  It turns out that they were unable to make connections once Katie got there and they ended up not sitting together.  That sucked but at least there were there together and in spirit.

I stayed home watching Liesl and Oreo.  It has been a while since I was left home alone as the babysitter for an extended period of time.  Oreo, of course, needed to go out moments after Dominica left.  Liesl was in a mostly good mood the whole time that Dominica was gone.  We watched Fireball 500 with Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello and Fabian.  Liesl fell asleep while we were watching that.

Liesl slept in her crib for me for most of the night without any problems at all.  She did really well staying home with her daddy.  Once she was asleep I watched Fabian and Annette sans Frankie in Thunder Alley. I was just a few sentences from the end of the film when Dominica and Katie returned from watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (HP6.)  Dominica liked it but was unhappy with the amount of cutting that they have done with the storyline.  Huge plot pieces are missing and there is only one film left to go.  I will see it when it releases on BluRay probably around Christmas.  I feel no need to see anything in the movie theatre.  I skipped Star Trek so I can pretty much skip everything else.

Katie only stayed for about fifteen minuets.  It was quite late, almost midnight, when she left and she has to get up to go to work tomorrow.  We were off to bed ourselves pretty quickly.  Good progress on SGL updates tonight.  Almost completely caught up for once.

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