July 14, 2009: No More Beach Bikini Movies

I am practically caught back up on SGL updates.  W00t!  It’s been a tough summer thus far but I think, I hope, that once I get caught up that I will be able to keep the blog up to date.  That is, of course, until I go to Houston in less than two weeks because once I do that there is going to be another week lag that will take me another week to overcome.  So maybe it is hopeless.

Work today.  Nothing to report there.

Dominica felt a little under the weather today so for dinner we ordered in from Forno’s which is always a happy thing.  We were burned out on bikini beach movies and went back to the Gilmore Girls tonight.  We finished season six and are on to season seven now.  The final season.

Dominica has watched all of The Gilmore Girls previously but I never watched most of it the first time around but did see the final two seasons.  Now I am going through the series from beginning to end so that I actually understand what is going on in the final seasons.  I did not realize the first time around that I was watching all of the final two seasons.  Now that I am seeing them officially one right after another I am aware of the fact that I know everything that is happening.

SpiceWorks went down tonight for several hours for new updates to the online system to be posted.  The big change is to the way that points are accumulated in the system which pretty much locks the two of us who are the point leaders and are far ahead of everyone else in the system in our slots as being dramatically ahead of everyone else and now there is no real way for anyone to catch up because there is no way to easily accumulate points like we used to.  I don’t think that people are going to be all that happy about the new system.  Too much change and not in most people’s favours.

The new Harry Potter movie opens tonight.  Katie is going and Dominica is very sad that she does not get to see HP opening tonight.  So Katie promised to take Dominica to the movies tomorrow night after work and I said that I would stay home with Liesl and Oreo so that Dominica could go out.  So tomorrow night I am the baby sitter while the girls go out for a girls night out on the town.

Off to bed somewhat early again.  No real early but a little.  I am still feeling really tired from all of the travel and getting some real sleep is the only thing that really helps.  Although getting caught up on things definitely helps a lot as well and I am really thankful that SGL is finally back on track and that most of my photos have been posted to Flickr as well.  My daily hits on Flickr are way up from before.  I am seeing some quite impressive daily statistics.

Liesl is in her crib again.  Third night in a row.  I guess that she is used to it now.  She does not appear to be having any bad reactions to it.  She is not extra upset or anything.  The one problem is that she seems to bang her head against the wood back rather a bit.  She is used to have all of the sides be soft.

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