July 2, 2009: Liesl Month Seven Checkup

It was quite a busy morning this morning.  I got up kinda early and worked very hard right through lunch.  No breaks at all.  At a quarter till one we had to run to get out the door with Liesl to take her to the doctor’s office for her seven month checkup.  We were right on time and did not have to weait more than a minute before we were in the appointment.

Liesl’s appointment went really well.  She continues to be way ahead of their expectations and has no signs about which they are worried.  She is really close to crawling now and we have been working with her almost every day to try to get her to crawl.  She is really good at “scootching” across the floor which is, apparently, a bit further along that she would be expected to be at just seven months so they are, again, very impressed with her progress.  The doctor was amazed by how strong, bright and interactive she was.  She is so totally engaged in the people around her.

Liesl’s stats are not eighteen pounds and twenty-two inches tall.  She is getting so big so fast! And she can almost stand on her own already too.  Her balance is really improving quickly.

So the whole doctor’s visit went really well.  They are completely thrilled with her development and that, obviously, makes us feel a lot better too.

After the appointment we went to Pastel’s for lunch since we were already out and about.  There hadn’t been time to get any food earlier in the day so this was pretty easy.

After lunch it was back to work.  Today was a pretty busy day because it is the last work day of the week.  So I was busy in the basement working until relatively late this evening.  Then it was time for a little Gilmore Girls and then off to bed.  Had some Lakeshore Semi-Dry Riesling this evening too.

Tomorrow I am off from work.  What an amazing concept!  I am very excited to have some real time to relax.  Planning on getting up late and playing Oblivion tomorrow!  We leave for Waverly first thing on Saturday morning for the fourth of July celebration out there and return home to Peekskill on Saturday night.

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