July 3, 2009: Surprise Trip to Waverly

I slept in this morning.  Slept in a lot.  I really needed a chance to just relax and do some catch up on my rest.

After sleeping in I came down and did some quick email checking and then it was time to go out and run some errands.

We had lunch at the diner then did some quick shopping.  We went to Walmart to get some necessary supplies.

Once we returned home I  started playing Oblivion a little.  I was really looking forward to just getting to do nothing for the first time in as long as I can remember – probably since the middle of last year – and zone out.

By three, our plans had changed and instead of going to Waverly tomorrow we are heading out tonight.  Dominica needed to cook for Oreo which takes many hours.  Liesl was not going to be left without her daddy and wanted to hang out with me all afternoon.  So Dominica set about cooking and packing as quickly as she could while Liesl hung out with me while I tried to play Oblivion.  I spent a few hours trying to entertain Liesl and play Oblivion on the PS3 but I really didn’t not manage to get much of any gameplay in.

It took Dominica until around six or seven before she was ready to go.  Then she was able to watch Liesl while I got ready to go.  We were out the door somewhere around eight thirty or so.  The relaxing day ended up being a panic to get out the door day.

The drive itself went pretty smoothly.  We grabbed McDonald’s on the road and ate in the car.  We entertained ourselves by listening to classic tunes on my iPod rather than listening to a book.

We arrived at James and Nikki’s house in Waverly, New York at just after eleven.  We hung out there till a little after one when Dominica’s cousin Diane had been missing for quite some time so Nikki and I went driving to find her and bring her back.  So we ended up all staying up until quite late.  Two or three in the morning.  Not really sure when.

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