July 5, 2009: Rushing Back to Work

It was pretty crappy having to get up at six thirty in the morning after our long day yesterday.  We were really exhausted this morning but it had to be done.  We got up, packed up, loaded the car, got Liesl ready and were out the door amazingly fast.  Very impressive for us.  You would never know that we were the Millers.

The drive back to Peekskill went fine.  No issues at all.  We stopped in Apalachin, New York to hit the McDonald’s there so that we could eat some breakfast on the road while we drove.  We were in a bit of a hurry so that I could get back to Peekskill in time to work my “shift”.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful day.  Got home around nine thirty.  Drive went quickly.  I got straight to work and spent most of the day working from the basement.

Dominica has been doing a lot of work on clipping coupons and is now getting the Sunday newspaper (which we picked up on the way home) and doing something called “The Coupon Game” using a website that helps her to maximize her coupon value.  So Dominica and Liesl went to the grocery store to do some shopping today.

While the girls were out I did some cleaning around the house.  There was a bit to do.

This evening we broke out the DVDs of The Big Bang Theory which came highly recommended by Andy.  We didn’t really like the first episode but ended up getting into the show after that.  It is pretty good.  They start off trying way too hard to be technical and fail first thing when the supposedly geeky guys go out looking for a fractional T1 line to make their Internet access faster.  A fractional T1 normally caps around 768Kb/s or 1Mb/s at most and is often quite a bit slower than that.  A typical home DSL and Cable line is many times that speed – many times at a fraction of the cost.  So these “smart” kids were going out to spend thousands of dollars a month on a line that most of us get many times over for $40!  Just bad writers using some term they heard ten years before and didn’t understand and thought that they could sound educated by using now.  Ugh.  Sloppy writing for the very first “we’re smart writers” attempt.  But the physics stuff and math stuff isn’t so bad and it improves and the season goes on.

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