July 4, 2009: The Fourth in Waverly

It was a short night for us although the Miller family got more of a chance to sleep in than did most anyone else this morning.  We are the only family without children old enough to get up on their own and start their days without us.  So we got a little more sleep than most everyone else.

We got started decently early and headed on out to the family farm in Waverly by the river and got started on the party!  As expected, it was a big turnout for the fourth.  So many kids!

We had a really good time.  It is so nice to have a big family with so many people who are roughly the same age and have kids around the same age.  It’s something that I never had with my family.  With no siblings and no cousins close to my age and only one even relatively near my age and no second cousins that close to my age family functions to me are really about hanging out with people from other generations and much less about hanging out with friends that you grew up with.  So it is very cool when we get to do this stuff with Dominica’s family.

Liesl had a really good time getting to visit with everyone and especially loved getting to “play” with the older kids.  Her cousins and second cousins would routinely take her out to play and she just loved it.

All in all it was a really good time. It’s crappy that everyone lives so far apart so that we only get together like this once a year if we are lucky.

We partied till about ten or so.  Then it was back to James and Nikki’s house to get to bed which we didn’t really do until like one in the morning.  We have to be up early tomorrow because we need to get back to Peekskill so that I can work tomorrow.

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