July 7, 2009: Second Published Article

I am very excited this morning to find that my second article for Datamation, “Debunking the Blade Server Myth“, has been published.  Since this is an unscheduled and unrequested article on my personal thoughts about blades it did not really qualify for the top billing of the day but it is on the front page and my portrait is running on the front page as well.  Today it is the top article in the Data Storage area of the publication.

I posted a link to the article in SpiceWorks and I got a lot of really great feedback from people.  Once you publish something like this the people who have been secretly thinking that blades were a bad idea but didn’t want to be the first person to point out the emperor’s lack of apparel start coming out of the woodwork and feeling that they have voices that need to be heard.  Someone just has to be willing to be the child to point and laugh and the rest just falls into place.

I am very happy with the article personally and quite thrilled with the responses that I have received.  Getting paid to write is pretty cool as well.  I hope that I have time to write more prolifically in the future.  One to two articles per month would be awesome.

Today was my big day on SpiceWorks.  In the evening I finally obtained the rank of Mace!  SpiceWorks ranks its users on “spice” levels from very mild peppers up to habanero and ghost and then on to mace and pure capsacian.  I was one of the first four to make datil, the second person to ever make habanero, the second to make ghost and am the very first to make mace.  I am not alone in the mace ranks.  Very cool.  Perfect timing to obtain mace just two weeks before we kick off SpiceCorps Houston (first person to kick off more than one SpiceCorps and this is my third) and then to visit the SpiceWorks offices in Austin.

Liesl is really crawling now.  She is all over the place.  Now we are busy trying to get the house safe for her.  She can really move from place to place!

Today was mostly a work day and another very late night.

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