July 8, 2009: Last Day at Home

Today is our last full day at home before we have to leave and get back to traveling again.  It is just a day to get a lot of work completed, things packed and all of the last minute stuff taken care of before we leave.  Starting tomorrow we will be on the road for twenty-four hours.  We will drive twenty-four hours by car for twenty-four hours of being in Ohio.

Liesl Finally Enjoys Eating

Today my new Nikon 35mm DX f1.8 lens arrived for my SLR.  I am very excited.  This is my father’s day present from Liesl.  My very first one.  This is my fourth lens for my Nikon SLR and the second really fast one.  I have a fast, fixed 35mm and 50mm along with the slower 18-55mm kit lens and its matching, slow 55-200mm that Dominica bought for me several years ago.

Liesl really started eating solid food a lot more today with some bananas. I took the opportunity to take some pictures with the new lens. Keep an eye on Flickr for lots of new stuff to be appearing.

Nothing really to mention today.  I am very far behind on the site and will do what I can to catch up as quickly as possible.

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