June 27, 2009: SpiceCorps Upstate New York

There is a lot to be done today so even though it is a Saturday I had to be up on the early side so that I could get right to work around eight.  I worked pretty steadily all morning trying to get as much done for the office as possible before I had to leave for the day.  It was a very busy morning.

Tony had to cancel for the SpiceCorps meeting today which, in a way, worked out well for me because it gave me an extra half an hour before as well as after the meeting.

I left dad’s at a little after eleven and drove up to Gates to the Tim Horton’s near to the Tinsletown Movie Theatre next to i490.  Three guys were there ahead of me and I was right on time.  They were easy to pick out as SpiceWorks-type IT guys 😉  There is no hiding us, I guess.

We had a really good meeting.  Ended up having eight people show up which is not bad at all for an IT SMB manager peer group in Rochester on a Saturday!  I was very happy with the turnout and the group that we had.  I am really looking forward to our next event which will be in Syracuse sometime probably around August.

The meeting lasted about two hours.  Very good discussions.  These meetings are definitely valuable as an SMB IT Manager and IT Professional resource to meet up with people having similar issues and concerns.  Really nice to connect with other people dealing with problems on the same scale.

The meeting wrapped up a little after two.  From there I grabbed another coffee and drove back to dad’s house.

I worked from around three to five at dad’s wrapping up some stuff that needed to be done.  Then the X3 was packed and Oreo and I got on to the road to go back to Frankfort.  Dad is coming out tomorrow too but just for the graduation party.  He will not be staying for too long.

On the drive I continued listening to “The Great Bridge” through which I am making really good progress. I am on the second half of the book now.

I did some light work this evening and that was about it.  I forgot my SafeWord card that lets me access work so I didn’t do anything for the office tonight but called dad to have him read me off my key prior to him leaving tomorrow since I need remote access so that I can do my Sunday shift.

This evening the family sat around watching Princess Protection Agency on the Disney Channel and then, after the movie, we watched several episodes of shows like Wizards of Waverly Place.  WoWP is actually really good which is rare for the Disney Channel after they’ve become famous for making stuff like Hannah Montana.

It was around one in the morning when everyone finally got off to bed.

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